Taylor Swift reveals her long overdue surprise

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

While Taylor Swift just nished up her Reputation tour last fall, she has already been hard at work on something new for her

fans. In February, fans noticed that Swift had “rebranded” her Instagram. Suddenly it was ooded with bright colors, pastels

and butteries. In addition to this rebranding, Swift started to count down to 4.26. On 4.13 Swift began posting odd and

out-of-the-ordinary photos, with no context, all captioned 4.26. These images ranged from a picture of a retro bicycle to a

picture of a wall that is displaying pictures of chicks with sunglasses on, all the way to an image of three people holding

suitcases. This is when fans knew that something big was coming, but what?

Swift is known for her mastery in hiding clues and “Easter eggs” so-to-speak in plain sight. Swift fans around the nation took to figuring out what these images may mean, and to figure out what would happen on 4.26 before it occurred.

After reading many different articles by Swift fans, all the different ideas were dancing around my mind, a new album, a new single from a new album, an album release date, even a clothing line were all ideas that fans had imagined from these Instagram photos.

The most popular idea was one that arose on 4.26, hours before the release of, well, whatever Swift was planning on doing. This idea was that Swift would be releasing a new album, but not on 4.26. Instead on 4.26 a new single would be released, featuring Panic! At the Disco lead-singer Brendon Urie. Swift had also been spotted wearing what seemed to be new merchandise. This idea was one that had both Swift and Urie fans across the nation excited, confused and still waiting for anticipation.

Swift released her newest single, “ME!” featuring Brendon Urie, just as fans had suspected. Along with the release of this song was the release of the music video as well. According to Forbes, Swift’s music video has beat Ariana Grande’s “Thank You, Next” record on YouTube for the most views in a 24-hour period. Grande set the standard high, having 55.4 million views within the first 24-hours. Swift’s video for “ME!” came in strong with 65.2 million views in the same 24-hour period. In addition to breaking this YouTube record, “ME!” also broke the Amazon Alexa voice request record, as well as the record for the most streams in one day. “ME!” also jumped to the top of the “Today’s Top Hits” playlist on Spotify, and if you listen on Spotify, there is a video of Swift in a rainbow filter that plays throughout the song.

It is evident that this colorful video and upbeat song has jumped to the top of charts, broken records and invaded the hearts of fans, but what’s next? Swift released information on new merchandise that you can purchase through her website, and with a purchase of merchandise you also get a preorder of her next album. Fans are now beginning to search for more clues within Swift’s new music video for information on what will be Swift’s seventh album. According to Billboard.com, Swift hinted, “So… the new album title is actually revealed somewhere in the video AND so is the title of the second single, but I haven’t seen people finding them yet,” adding fuel to the fire for her fans to figure out these strategically placed clues.

While there is not a confirmed release date for Swift’s new album, there are many guesses on the album release date. My personal favorite, and what seems to be the most popular across fans, is 7.13. This idea originated from the idea that this will be Swift’s 7th album and her lucky number is 13. While the album is much anticipated, Swift’s new song “ME!” is already all over the web. If you haven’t yet listened I highly suggest it, the song can be found on most streaming services as well as YouTube.