The importance of exercise

Tyler Moseberry, Courier Staff

Exercise is extremely important, not only on a physical level but also on a mental level. When done correctly you get the benefit of losing weight. Working out is great, but you must make sure you continue going to the gym. Depending on what dorm you stay in or how far you live from campus, it’s not always a convenient trip.

The part of waking up and going to the gym is not always a feasible option. Whether it be time or conditions like the weather being atrocious, there are aspects that discourage people from going. I propose an area in each of the halls where people can workout.

I do not believe that the area must be big; it can be as small as the laundry rooms if a treadmill or two can be accessible and maybe a few free weights can be used. I feel like this type of alternative will be a huge success for people that want to do things later or earlier.

Having a gym in the halls would benefit people that are involved in multiple clubs and classes. The area that could be used for such a room could be the space located near the elevators. If this area was used it could be utilized instead of a makeshift lounge area.

Another reason having a gym in the dorms would benefit the students is to instill healthy habits in your daily routine. If the gym is closer to home, then you will be able to get a workout in constantly and then you will feel motivated to go to the recreation center where you can do more types of exercises that you cannot do in the dorms.

Many people that exercise continuously understand the hardest things to do is workout every day and start again once you stop. This idea combats both perfectly since starting becomes easier with the proximity of the gym and consistency is easier with less excuses.

A bonus that having a gym in the dorm has over the recreation center is that a staff member is not needed to have a gym in the dorms, all you need is a camera and the ID swipe to make sure you know who is in the gym.

This will save the hassle of trying to make sure you have people on duty in this potential 24-hour gym. The last big advantage that a gym closer to home creates is bonds. As cliché as it may sound, meeting people in college is an important thing and is very fun when you find someone with a similar interest.

If you and another person are in the gym and you strike up a conversation, you two instantly have something in common with the other person, so you both can chat about how you are trying to stay healthy and better yourselves. Above everything else, I want everyone to have the opportunity to live a safe and healthy life.