Who else is excited for Homecoming 2019?

Marc Ramirez, edge editor

I know it seems like it’s forever away, but I think that it’s time to get excited because in 157 days from this article being published will be the kick off of Western Illinois University’s Homecoming Events!

If you’re like me, you’re probably pumped to start all the practices and hard work it takes to win Homecoming. Whether you participate with your Greek team, residence hall or school organization, I can guarantee you you’ll have a blast!

The week typically kicks off with Paint the Paws. These are the gold paw prints you see lining the streets of our amazing institution. They symbolize students repainting  he path for our amazing alumni so it’s easier for them to find their way home. If that isn’t sentimentally exciting I don’t know what is! You get to hang with some of your best friends and mess around with paint during the middle of the day.

The next day, you get to wake up bright and early and “Paint the Town.” This is where some of your most artistic friends get to shine. Everyone is assigned a business in town and you decorate the windows showcasing your teams theme. It’s always cool to look back at the end of the day and see Leatherneck pride smeared across the windows of every establishment in town. There is also a huge campus wide scavenger hunt this day. Clues are hidden all across campus and students race to see who can finish the task the fastest.

The next big event would be the Boat Regatta. I remember last year forgetting that we had to make a boat and running to Farm King to get as much cardboard as we possibly could. This is easily one of the most fun and most testing events of the whole week. Two people, paddling across a lake multiple times in a boat made up of nothing but cardboard and tape. It’s hilarious watching your friends on other teams take the dip in the lake while praying your team makes it across safely.

Wait a couple days, and then we really get into the fun events of the week. Teams practice for weeks to perfect their Variety Show and Yell Like Hell routines. These are events where people really showcase their dance, cheerleading, and other hidden talents. I think it’s safe to say these are the two most competitive events. People truly go head to head in these events. Last year people tied for these events, really putting the pressure on the teams to hit the perfect routine the next day to take home the title of Homecoming Champions. You’d really be surprised of how talented people at Western are. Some people can really break it down on the stage and others can backflip better than you would’ve thought.

Of course it’s a competitive week but it’s one that everyone enjoys. After all the big events, people get to sit back and relax as the Homecoming parade and football game roll around. Each team puts together as float for the parade and tailgate what is supposed to be one of the best games of the season.