Suicide is never the answer

Donnetta Shanklin, Courier Staff

Going through college can be hard let alone doing it while losing a loved one or friend. Murder is one thing but losing someone to suicide is even harder.

Some people say suicide is a part of the circle of life but perhaps it’s just an interruption of the circle of life. People are committing suicide more often and some people say it’s selfish but it’s really not. It may hurt the people at first, and sometimes it may never get easier for those who are left to grieve. When someone commits suicide they think that is the only option they have left and they’re not thinking about everyone else. At the end of the day you’re supposed to live for yourself not for other people and if you cannot find happiness within yourself then some people might not see a point of living.

Suicide is never the answer to some and the only answer to others. No matter what side of the opinion someone can be on it is a fact that people do this type of thing. There are a lot of people who do it in college which is sad.

The sad thing about it is that it really affects people differently. Not everyone grieves the same and not everyone would even know the person who does it personally but it can still hurt them. Going through college and dealing with the depression of losing a friend, close friend, acquaintance, or even just someone you know can be very hard emotionally and physically. It’s especially because you have to deal with school and your grieving process. There’s counseling and a lot of support groups on most campuses, but that does not always help. This is different from typical depression because that person is gone forever they’re not coming back. For depression and things like that sometimes it comes and go but a death is permanent which can be very hard on some people especially when it’s a death that wasn’t supposed to happen. Not everyone recovers from the grieving process either and it can become very dangerous.

Suicide is not selfish in any way because that person can finally be at peace but it does hurt the people who still have to deal with the aftermath of the tragedy. It’s always sadder when people blame themselves for the death and they think there was more that could be done. Yes, sometimes there is more that people can do, but sometimes people are just really sad and depressed and that has nothing to do with everyone else. Some people also might be getting a lot of help and something could go wrong that through off their day and they can just end it all. No one knows what everyone is going through exactly so it’s hard to say. What is evident is that it is hard figuring out those coping skills to get through the end of school. It may seem impossible and it might truly be impossible but it may also be possible to live through the pain. Taking it day by day is a great start to finishing school. It’s never easy, it doesn’t always get easier, but the person who ended their life would not want their friend to drop out and fall behind because of the tragedy.