Show your support to philanthropies

Rachel Greene, Opinions Writer

Oftentimes on campus, you will see various organizations advertising for their philanthropies. Philanthropies are events hosted by organizations that are based on service or donating to others. There are so many going on at all times that it is easy to brush them aside and let them get lost in your calendar. However, not all campuses and communities are as fortunate to have as many philanthropic opportunities as Western Illinois University is. From Greek organizations, to Dance Marathon, to everything in between, we are provided the unique ability to give back almost every day. If you have not found your desired avenue, do not worry, you can still make change here on campus. Even if you are graduating in May, there are plenty of ways to participate before then!

Struggling to find an event to support? You do not have to look very far to find one. In fact, I would be willing to be that there is a philanthropy occurring every other week, if not every week. Just this week, TKE hosted their El Ranch fundraiser to support children in hospitals, and next week Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority will be hosting Mr. Greek/ Mr. WIU in support of the Tri Sigma Foundation. The event we all know and love, Dance Marathon, has already started back up again, and it is currently only $15 to register rather than the standard price of $30. You can also donate to one of the members of Pi Kappa Phi who is participating in Journey of Hope; the possibilities are endless! These are all events that are open to students just like yourself! Sure, it may make sense for the members of these organizations to participate, but why should other people get involved, or even care? Well, as college students, our funds are often directed towards activities that are not exactly charitable. It is necessary to have a balance. Having fun is important, but so is giving back. If you can afford to get into a bar and buy a couple drinks, you can afford to pay for a $3 ticket that benefits people who are facing adversity. It is not difficult to make a difference if you are willing to put in a tiny amount of effort.

If you are reading this and simply brushing it off and saying you do not care, think about the mark you want to leave after you graduate and move into the real world. Do you want to look back on your college experience and not have anything to be truly proud of? Consider this the next time you see someone tabling in the union for their organization to actually take a couple dollars that you would have spent on a coffee or some food and give it to someone who needs it more. Donate to someone’s Dance Marathon page, their sorority philanthropy or an organization’s bake sale. You may not remember every moment of your college experience, but you will always remember the difference that you made in the lives of others.