Student Government Association announces election results

Marc Ramirez, edge editor

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Last Friday, the Student Government Association announced the results of the SGA elections that ran the duration of last week. Kelly Rodger, Attorney General took the podium and announced the newly elected president, vice president and Senators-at-Large.

“This year we had an astonishing amount of students that came out and voted,” Rodgers said. “We had over 1,100 votes, this is more than the last two years combined so it is pretty amazing.”

She continued to say that SGA is extremely proud of the candidates’ hard work and dedication to represent the student body. All officers will be sworn in to their newly elected position during the Office of Student Activities Leadership Awards ceremony on Monday.

For the Senator-at-Large positions, three student leaders received the qualifying amount of votes to win the seat in the Senate. Freshman Tyler Pradin, Payton Muhs and Nathan Clark were elected via the ballot on PurplePost.

“Ever since coming to school in August, it’s been important for me to be involved on campus,” Pradin said. “I’ve grown a huge leadership skill in holding an executive board position within the Interfraternity Council and I’ve wanted to expand my involvement, and I’m excited to work with the student body to actively address questions or concerns my constituents may have.” Students elected to the Senator-at- Large position must post and maintain a minimum of 3-5 office hours per week in the Student Organization Center of the University Union. They must also serve as representatives of the entire student body and coordinate regular meetings with organizations, groups and constituencies across campus in addition to regularly coordinating meetings and reporting progress to the Speaker of the Senate.

“I am excited to gain the great experience and knowledge SGA has to offer me as a student,” Muhs said. Next to be announced were the winners of the president and vice president. Candidates ran in pairs consisting of Colton Markey and Daria Levchenko and Doni Purifoy and Kamren Williams. The groups ran a competitive and close election.

“Both tickets ran an incredible race,” Rodgers said. “It was a tight race, but with 613 votes, our 2019-2020 President and Vice President will be Colton Markey and Daria Levchenko.”

The ballot on PurplePost outlined why the students ran and what they hoped to get out of the position.

“I believe that Western can be the most student-centered, student driven campus in Illinois,” Markey’s ballot read. “As SGA’s Director of Academic Affairs and previously as the Director of Public Relations, I have seen the impact that student government can make. The past two years in student government have given me the experience and knowledge necessary to tackle any problem that may arise. I want to create a welcoming environment for student’s voices to be heard by going on an organization tour in order to hear about their problems. When students are unified and advocate together, we can make a difference.”

“I am passionate about students having their voices heard,” Levchenko’s ballot read.”It is important that the students are the number one priority on campus. I want to form a group of students that can work with admissions and marketing that can provide effective feedback. I have been meeting with the Vice President of Student Services each month and talking through ideas to bring back to SGA. I would also like to strengthen the bond between the cabinet and the senate so we can be united as one to serve the student body.”

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