SGA winners announced

Rachel Greene, Opinions Writer

Friday night was a time that was eagerly awaited by the candidates of the Student Government Association election.

From the time voting opened on Monday, it was all that was on any of our minds. As we waited for the results to be announced, I watched both sides of the room nervously listen to Attorney General Kelly Rodgers announce the winners. In my opinion, a lot was riding on the results of this race. While either pair of presidential and vice presidential candidates could have done an outstanding job in office, I have watched Colton Markey and Daria Levchenko spend countless hours working towards this goal. After a week of intense campaigning that I felt would never end, it was even more evident to me that Markey and Levchenko deserved these positions. Not only have they worked with Grant Reed and Madison Lynn for the past year, but they have allowed them to become mentors and are well equipped to follow in their footsteps. Working closely with the SGA Cabinet over the course of this past year, I have spent a lot of time with Markey and Levchenko. Not only are they heavily experienced in how SGA operates, but they also have impeccable attendance records. SGA is already a priority in both of their lives, showing that they are prepared to handle the immense commitment that the positions entail. When the results were announced, I felt a sense of relief in knowing that these two people would be leading the student body and that the race was finally over.

Markey and Levchenko, while working effectively as a team, also have strong individual strengths. As a Macomb native, or “Macombie Homie,” as some would say, Markey possesses unique insights into the Macomb community. Not only does he have a connection with the mayor, but he also has a deep passion for this school and community. Markey is a Western Illinois University Legacy, and his brother, Caleb Markey, also served as Student Government President. Levchenko balances academics and extracurriculars in a way that is quite admirable; including her sorority, SGA, University Union Board and Homecoming. She exhibits passion about student activities and has taken on various projects to better the lives of students. She hosted a parking forum to discuss concerns students had about parking on campus and continues to work with admissions to improve Western’s marketing to prospective students.

The leaders of SGA impact everyone on campus. Even if you do not always see it, they are behind the scenes making important decisions and changes to benefit you, the student body.

Markey and Levchenko have each worked so hard to make this University a better place, and I know that they will do the same in their positions of president and vice president. I firmly believe that this will be a great year in SGA because of these two individuals and I am grateful to everyone who took the time to vote. We have elected these two to be our voice, and I know they will not take that responsibility lightly. Congratulations again to and Levchenko, hard work truly does pay off.