Does Macomb need more entertainment?

Tyler Moseberry, Courier Staff

College is a place of learning, and as students, that should never be something that we stray from or get distracted from. Having things to do after a hard test or on the weekend is nice because everyone wants to be rewarded sometimes.

So, is Western desolate? If so, what type of things can be improved? Both questions will be addressed as we dive in the conversation of leisure. Coming from a big city like Chicago, my opinion and a lot of others are going to be against quiet towns like Macomb.

Now, this is reasonable because Macomb is not a city in comparison and does not try to be. What Western does specifically to counteract the monotony is to be involved with the campus. Students are welcomed and encouraged to participate in events and organizations.

This may seem very simple and cliché, but this does help. Students being involved on campus or just being cordial with one another makes the campus seem even more like home and something you can connect with. Involvement typically is an easy way to forget what is not going on in the area at times.

If someone really wants to make the most out of their situation, the best thing to do is connect with friends and do things together whether its on campus or not. College teaches us the value of having friends, especially when we are stuck doing nothing.

Studying is exponentially easier than it would be in a big city because the saying, “out of sight out of mind” is very powerful. With the correct mindset, someone can improve their production since they would have less distractions. This is a lesson for some students that has to be learned in the form of bad grades.

Keep in mind that the time you spend is valuable because most of the time you are watching it tick away. As crazy as it may sound, it may be beneficial for some people that there is nothing to do. Juggling extracurricular activities and school is more difficult as an adult because the responsibility is all on you.

Not everything should stay unchanged, though. One change that could be implemented could be reopening the bowling alley that is now being used for storage. Since people typically go to the Union anyway, this would be a no-brainer since traffic is already guaranteed. The addition of a bowling alley would be just as popular if not more popular than the Chick-Fil-A. Most people enjoy bowling and it has always been an easy way to get people together.

Another idea would be to hold more events in the actual dorms. This would encourage people to not only get involved on their floors or hall but to just get out of their rooms in general. The events that could be held could be as simple as a movie night or competitions that reward people with prizes. If the prizes and the events are enticing, this idea will also work.

At the end of the day, what you see is what you get in life. All of us chose Western because we think it’s the right decision for us, the best thing to do is make the most out of it!