Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Pulls in Audience

Christopher Gibson, Courier Staff

The Star Wars saga comes to a close this Christmas. While that is still a ways away, Disney drew in fans of the beloved movie franchise this past week by releasing the teaser trailer for Episode IX on Friday. This trailer also gave fans the name for “Star Wars: Episode IX- The Rise of Skywalker.”

The trailer starts out with Rey breathing heavily as we see the LucasArts logo surrounded in black. After the logo fades away, we are left with just the darkness and Rey’s panting. Then we see Rey standing out in the middle of a desert planet. She’s wearing the same outfit she wore in Episode VII, moving away from the dark gray she wore in Episode VIII opting for the lighter colored garb. After watching her for a bit longer, we start to notice that her panting isn’t panting as much as it is focusing herself for what’s to come.

Now Skywalker’s voice comes in, he says, “we’ve passed on all we know.” Rey then reaches for and takes out her lightsaber, positioning herself to face something that we can’t quite see yet. Skywalker’s voice cuts back in, “A thousand generations live in you now.” The camera shifts from a distant shot showing the entirety of Rey, to focusing in on the lightsaber in her hand. From this shot, we can see a vehicle coming towards Rey. The camera then shifts back to Rey’s face and Luke’s voice says, “But this is your fight.”

We then see the words “EVERY GENERATION HAS A LEGEND” come up on the screen, leaving Rey behind for the time being. The trailer then shifts back to the landscape where we saw Rey, but we don’t see her anymore. Instead, we see some cliffs laid against the desert’s sand floor and the shot moves across the landscape until a speeder zooms across the picture. Immediately following the speeder coming into and then out of the shot, the attention shifts back to the lightsaber in Rey’s hand and it jumps to life, treating the audience to the familiar hum of a lightsaber. Rey then turns around and crouches, preparing herself for the fight. We get to see inside the speeder for a brief couple of seconds and then shift back to Rey. She starts running while looking over her shoulder at the speeder. The camera zooms out to show both Rey and the approaching speeder. Once the speeder gets close enough, Rey jumps over it and the scene shifts to black.

The words “THIS CHRISTMAS” appear on the screen, while the classic Star Wars music plays in the background. The scene shifts to clouds and then we see what appears to be a temple in a jungle environment. As the music continues to play, we shift from that environment to Kylo Ren killing some soldiers in a forest that has red in the background. We shift to a welder making a new mask for Ren looking very similar to his mask in the other two films in the trilogy. The trailer then shifts to Finn and another character on some cliffs, possibly on the same planet we last saw Rey on. Greeted by BB-8 and another droid for a couple seconds, the scene shifts to the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, where we see two figures piloting the ship with one being Chewbacca. The camera shifts to the face of the other pilot and fans are greeted to Lando laughing.

The words “THE SAGA COMES TO AN END” appear on the screen with dramatic music being played in the background. Next, we see a battle scene on the desert planet, and another scene showing C-3PO on a barge in the battle with Finn. After that, fans get to see Rey hugging Princess Leia. Skywalker’s voice is heard again this time saying, “we will always be with you.” The next scene shows Rey, Finn and Poe walking in a plane with BB-8, C-3PO and Chewbacca trailing behind. The camera shifts to what they are looking at and it appears to be a broken space station, possibly the Death Star, in an ocean. Luke then says, “no one is Skywalker really gone.” The scene fades to black and we hear the Emperor laughing his maniacal laugh. The last thing to appear in the trailer is the name of the film and that it will be premiering in December.

I’m excited for what this last film has in store for us fans. While none of the films after the original trilogy are the greatest, this new trilogy has been an interesting one to watch. This film has a lot to make up for the last film in the saga, as the majority of fans across the world disliked the film. I hope this film will ease their minds and end the saga on a strong note. I guess we’ll just have to wait until December to find out!