WrestleMania leaves fans with questions and wanting more

Evan Williamson, Courier Staff

It’s that time of year again over ve days of events that coincide with WrestleMania weekend including

NXT Takeover, WWE Hall of Fame, WrestleMania 35 and the fallout episodes of RAW and SmackDown.

Just like last year, I am going to focus on the main show. This year’s events were held in New York/New Jersey. WrestleMania was a long show as the kickoff started at 4 p.m. and the main show ended at about 11:30 p.m.; that’s over seven hours.

It sounds long and it is, but I thought the majority of the show was well spaced out. There were three big matches that people were looking forward to and they spaced those three matches out perfectly. In a surprise turn of events, the Universal Championship match between Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins opened the show. Thinking about it now, it’s not that strange as they have opened up WrestleMania with the World Heavyweight Championship a few years ago, but Lesnar is one of the bigger draws.

For the storyline though, it made sense that Paul Heyman came out and said that if Lesnar is not going to be in the main event, he wants to be in the first match so when he wins we can fly to Las Vegas and eat a steak dinner to celebrate. The match didn’t start right away as Lesnar would attack Rollins before the bell rang. Lesnar would continue to beat down Rollins before throwing him back in the ring for the match to actually start, and he would continue to get beat up, welts forming on his back until Lesnar went for his finisher. Rollins got out of it, pushing Lesnar into the referee to distract him momentarily. It took a low blow and three stomps to slay the beast, but Rollins walked out Universal Champion.

It wasn’t the greatest match but as far as the three big matches went, this was the least anticipated. History is usually made at the “Showcase of the Immortals,” but none compare to the last two big matches. The second big match was about halfway through the show about four or five matches after the Rollins- Lesnar match. This match was The New Daniel Bryan versus Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship. After gaining the opportunity to join the Elimination Chamber a couple of months ago due to the injury of Mustafa Ali, Kingston’s popularity started to skyrocket with awesome performances that caught the attention of management. After a lot of scratching and clawing, Kingston would finally get his first WWE Championship match in his 11-year career.

In a great match that had a lot of twists and turns, Kingston would become the first African-American WWE Champion. It was a very emotional moment and well deserved. Before we get to the other history-making match, here is the thing about big matches at WrestleMania: you can sometimes predict them. For example, the last time the event was held at MetLife Stadium for Wrestle- Mania 29, John Cena beat The Rock for the Championship, a result that fans had felt was going to happen even before the Royal Rumble that year.

You could probably say the same thing about Bryan winning the titles at WrestleMania 30 (but that was a outcome that most people wanted). What makes sense is having Rollins, Kingston and Becky Lynch be the company’s top faces (good guys) win their respective matches. However, if you are a wrestling fan, especially a WWE fan, you know that they rarely pull the trigger on all that you want on the same night. Fans were worried that Lynch wouldn’t win. The WWE always said that if there was a storyline that was over enough with the fans that it warranted a main event spot, it would. Let’s be honest with ourselves, the original main event was penciled in, with Ronda Rousey versus Charlotte Flair, the purpose was to make history. There is a chance that the story could have been there, but it probably was going to happen anyway. Lynch said that she is one of the most popular superstars on the roster right now, similar to Kingston’s rise to the top; a number of circumstances resulted in her gaining this spot.

I don’t want to bore you with details, basically an epic failed heel turn (on the writers part), Lynch versus Rousey at Survivor Series will not be happening because of an injury. Lynch came back a month later and was still getting the biggest pops of the night, and Twitter made this match the main event and well deserved as you are talkingabout a story that started late October or you could argue July.

The buildup did go a little slow but the go-home episode of Monday Night RAW made this the match to see. The match was winnertake-all for Rousey’s RAW Women’s Championship and Flair’s SmackDown Women’s Championship. The match wasn’t the greatest due to it being a long show and Rousey breaking her hand in the middle of it. Still, the outcome, though not the greatest, put the titles on Lynch (“Becky Two Belts”) and sent everyone home happy, it also keeps Flair and Rousey strong, especially when Rousey returns after recovering from her hand injury.

Overall, I thought Wrestle- Mania 35 was good, a little bit long, but it is only once a year. WrestleMania 36 is taking place in Tampa Bay, Fla. next year and I’m excited.