There’s going to be another Kardashian in the courtroom

Jason Adams, Courier Staff

In 1995, an attorney named Robert Kardashian was in the headlines defending O.J. Simpson in one of the biggest cases in the last few decades. Coming 2022, we could see another Kardashian in the courtroom, except this time it’s Kim. That’s right, Kim Kardashian is planning on becoming an attorney with an apparent preference for criminal law. This is an actual headline. The biggest question I had was how? Is she going to law school in the fall? Nope. Then how can she become an attorney? Apparently in California you do not have to have a law degree to become an attorney. As long as you participate in an apprenticeship with a law firm and pass the bar exam you can become an attorney. Kim has apparently been with a San Francisco law firm since last year in a four-year apprenticeship.

I usually don’t follow the Kardashians or keep up with them but headlines like this catch my attention. Becoming an attorney is usually a big commitment. A bachelor’s degree followed by three years in law school, plus studying for the bar exam. A big commitment in time, money and effort. Yet ,California has a loophole that you just have to partake in an apprenticeship? How do we know that she’s not just fetching coffees or taking phone calls. She even said herself that some of the subjects covered in the first year of law school she struggles with or finds boring. Not exactly someone I would want as an attorney, especially in a criminal setting. Now, my next thought was why doesn’t she just go to law school which is three years instead of a four-year apprenticeship? It’s not like money is an issue. Kim has actually never gone to college. She has no bachelor’s degree which is a requirement for law school. She has no college degree or experience and wants to become an attorney. If this was anyone else, most people wouldn’t even consider them an attorney they would use. The idea of no college experience for an attorney is a little frightening. Out of any profession that I would want for someone to have gone to school and received an education and degree in their field, lawyers would be up on my list second only to doctors. This California loophole doesn’t make any sense.

I do realize that she still has to pass the bar exam which is the standard for becoming an attorney, but one exam by itself doesn’t necessarily show that someone is qualified to be an attorney. They make bar exams that cover the material but don’t necessarily prepare them for a career as an attorney. They can’t cover everything in one exam. Plus an apprenticeship doesn’t have a set structure like a law degree would have, there is no way to know what was covered in the apprenticeship. You can’t base someone’s ability to perform an occupation like an attorney based on one exam. If you do, I don’t even want to know what that malpractice insurance coverage would cost.