Is College the right path for you?

Kalen Stanford, Courier Staff

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We all ask the burning question, probably too many times, throughout our college careers: is college the right path for me? I know I have asked this question more times than I could count. College is a difficult time for most people, which makes us all second guess our decisions. With my junior year coming to a close, I feel a little comfort in knowing I have made it this far. College is not the right place for everyone, though, and that is just fine.

I have changed majors, dropped out and came back all within the three years I have been here at Western. When attending college, it is completely normal to feel like you do not belong until you find your people, classes and study schedule that fit your needs. Even if that means changing your major three times or taking some time away. There is no time limit on getting your degree! A four-year path is expected, but not required.

When choosing your study path, make sure to really think about what you are interested in, and if you feel you can do your best work. I know the first couple years can be difficult with the general education courses, but try to stay as interested and involved as you can. When choosing your major, try to really think about what you can see yourself succeeding in the most, and just go with that. I have learned that just because you are passionate about a subject, does not mean you should pursue that career path, but always stay interested and maybe take it up as a minor.

In the beginning of your first year, try to keep your mind open and feel out the classes you have to take. When I was a freshman, I realized my English classes came easier to me than any of the other ones, so I switched my major. I am not saying you should do this right away, but keep your options open, you never know what might peak your interest! In my case, I changed my major, but stayed enrolled in choir so that I could still be involved in music.

The most important thing to keep in mind when deciding your career path or whether college is the right place for you, is to keep your mind open to all of your options. You never know what classes might sway your opinion on a subject. If your classes seem impossible, just know that there is help you can get, and college is not the right place for everyone! It is okay to have doubts, but keep your mind and options open, and it will all work out. Also, remember that there is nothing wrong with taking your time and taking time off. We all need a break sometimes, even from school.

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