You don’t have to define your sexuality in college

Donnetta Shanklin, Courier Staff

A lot of people are coming to terms with who they are, and some people are not. Some people are okay identifying themselves within the LGBTA+ community. Some people are still hesitant to admit their sexuality, while some have already come forth and told those closest to them about their chosen sexuality.

Whatever it may be, there is no rush to come to terms with who you are. Some people are always constantly questioning whether they are a certain sexuality and it can get really messy. Some people tend to identify as one thing when they actually are something completely different. Coming out as whatever sexual preference you are is a private and one way decision. People should not have to come out because they are forced to, they should come out because they want to. The great thing about sexuality is that there is no right sexuality, you’re allowed to be your own person and be who you want to be regardless of who you tend to view romantically.

Another great thing about sexuality is that no one is completely the same, everyone is unique and different in their own way no matter what front they put on. Exploring your sexuality is also something that can be very interesting for someone who is not sure on the type of mate they like. There’s no rush to do this type of thing and some people may never come to terms with who they are and that’s completely up to that individual. Although some people may never come to terms with who they are doesn’t mean they are necessarily in denial, they are just not ready to make that life changing commitment and that’s completely up to them as well. The topic of nature versus nurture is something that often comes up when it comes to sexuality but that is not something that should matter. Instead of focusing on the why, people should focus on the what. Yes, someone may have come to terms with what their sexuality is as a contributing member to the community: that person should figure out what they can do to make feel more comfortable.

Some people may think that they are a certain way but later come to find out that they are not like that at all. Sometimes it just takes that special person to change their mind. That special person not only changes their mind but helps them explore things about themselves that never would have been possible with another person.

It can be super hard to come out because of strict parents, being judged and society as a whole. We have gotten a lot better, but people are always going to judge someone for being that way. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter, you are allowed to like whoever you want to like. Your sexuality does not define you and you don’t have to define your sexuality.