Vote Justin Brown for SMBOT

Allison Young , Opinions Editor

Over the course of the Student Government Association election, I have come to the conclusion that it isn’t only our civic responsibility to vote, it is our duty to do so, that way as students we are properly represented across the University.

Listening to and reading the speeches given during the SGA Debate and by following campaign Facebook pages, I have come to the conclusion that Justin Brown, current Student Member to the Board of Trustees should be reelected for a second term in office. During his first term he has been a continuous advocated for every student at Western Illinois University, at both the Macomb and Quad Cities campuses.

Justin’s high involvement across campus makes him a spectacular candidate. He currently serves as the Treasurer for his fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi and the Vice President of Finance for University Union Board. In addition, to these he is a Student Representative for the Council on Admissions, Graduation, and Academic Standards, the Council on the Quality of Campus Life, the Student Cost Management Task Force, the Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management search committee and worked as a Undergraduate Intern at the National Association for Campus Activities Mid America Region. All of these unseen involvements truly prove that he has worked perpetually to do his best to better Western in the interest of the students around him.

I feel that Justin reflects our student population very thoroughly. He isn’t only involved within the Greek community but also works a job on campus, studies in the library and spends his free time in the Union. The slight difference is that he has been a steady advocate for Fraternity/Sorority life on our campus as he has even presented a powerpoint on the highlights of being involved in one of these organizations to the Board and spends his spare time in the University Union trying to answer questions and concerns constituents may have about the University’s current state or questions regarding the tough decisions that had to be made by the University.

Regardless, Trustee Brown has worked to be transparent with students about all things that he possibly can. He wants to hear and represent the voices of students. It was said during his speech at the SGA Debate that this position has helped him gain insight and knowledge about how the University operates and has given him the chance to work closely with faculty, staff and the student body. He has worked as a Orientation Leader, Experience Western Buddy and Discover Western tour guide, which have all given him the upper hand when getting to know incoming students and giving him the opportunity to answer questions and addressing concerns they may have as first year students. In doing this he has attempted to increase enrollment and retention by establishing relationships with people all across campus.

These are just some of the many reasons why students, should log onto PurplePost and vote for Justin Brown for the Student Member to the Board of Trustees. Voting opened Monday and will close Friday. It is important that as students we are able to have our voices heard and Justin is the person who has, can and will do that for us.