Do roommates change your college experience?

Tyler Moseberry, Courier Staff

What does having a roommate teach you? And is it necessary or unnecessary? Most of the time just due to the sheer size of a college, you may end up with a roommate, plain and simple. Even if you do have the opportunity not to then you may be stuck in a situation where you cannot afford the price of a single dorm.

Realism aside, what are the main differences and benefits of living with someone you do not know and is it worth it? The first potential benefit is friendship assuming that you and your roommate do not have problems that person is the easiest person to become friends with. At the same time, it is the easiest person for you to hate.

The truth is that both of you will spend a substantial amount of time together and have to deal with one another’s vices and idiosyncrasies at one point. Now if both of you can get past that and be at least cordial, you have one person that has your back on campus. This can be as simple as letting you into the dorm because you lost or left your key.

Once school really gets into the groove of things, you may find that your roommate is good in a subject that you need help in or better yet are in the same boat that you are. So, either way you basically have a 24/7 study partner at your service and convenience.

All of these things are nice, but what are some of the bad things that you encounter with a roommate? For starters, the biggest one is space and cleanliness. Since both of you share such a small space it is hard for either of you to have everything spotless all the time. Spotless does not mean messy and some type A personalities despise even the thought of clutter in their place of living.

This is why if you can live on your own, it is usually is preferable. Sometimes in college you just want to do what you want when you want with no questions or strings attached. Unfortunately, having a roommate means you must ask for permission to do certain things and that can annoy some people.

Something as simple as you want to be left alone is taken away because your space which is supposed to be your room, is taken away out of respect and contract you have with your roommate. Another battle that roommates have are people coming over.

Whether it is a partner or just a friend in FYE, having company over can be one of the biggest conflicts with roommates. This is all due to your roommate or you not liking who is in your room or what time they are in your room. This adds a whole new dynamic to your relationship with your roommate that you must deal with now.

Most of the time it is the time that bothers people, other times it will be the weather or family or something else. The point is that when you add another person into your space so abruptly you must learn and co-exist with one another because sometimes it is just a lot of dealing and compromising with the other person.