Art Department hosts last First Wednesday of semester

Tyler Moseberry, Courier Staff

This past Wednesday marked the last Art First Wednesday of the year in the University Art Gallery. Art First Wednesday is an event held in Garwood Hall and the Heating Plant Annex. Both are open and free to everyone of all ages and bringing a friend is encouraged.

Refreshments are usually provided at the Art First Wednesday. If you come early enough you will be welcomed to cookies, drinks, chips and sometimes even cake. This is of course a small highlight of the Art First Wednesday, but food always brings people together.

Art First Wednesday is held from 7 to 9 p.m., which is to accommodate student and faculty time and allow for any parents that would like to join to come as well. If you have had any art classes, you may see a professor that you have had recently as the activities are run bythe professors.

Depending on what type of art you are seeking, you can almost guarantee that it will be available at Art First Wednesday. If you are not an artist, you should not fear of doing poorly because the professors and the other people in attendance are niceand supportive.

For the last Art First Wednesday there were nine different activities. Six of the activities were in Garwood Hall while the other three were in the Heating Plant Annex. Garwood had Printmaking, Bag Ladies, drawing with watercolor crayons, Design your own Business Cards, Children’s Activity and Painting.

The Heating Plant Annex had Clear Packing Tape Sculptures, Bracelets (Metal building) and Wheel Throwing (Clay). All these activities are important to visit since some activities are only temporary.

Some of the “harder” things to do are usually the step by step art techniques like wheel throwing. Although relaxing, wheel throwing is known to get people not only dirty but frustrated at the new type of techniques they must master in such a short amountof time.

Painting is something that most people are familiar with and usually draws a crowd of people. Damon McArthur is the professor that runs this activity and he had a few words explaining the event and how to have fun while you are there. McArthur believes in the importance of attending the events. He said that it’s a great place where aspiring artists and those who are interested in art to step out of their comfort zones.

“This event is the best way to bring people together and unlock your creative spirit,” McArthur said. “Although you may not like what you made now, keep digging and don’t give up on your piece of art. There is always more to uncover.”