Bille Eilish drops new album

Amanda Wandachowicz, Courier Staff

By now I’m sure most people have heard of the 17 year old sensation Billie Eilish. Her songs are all over the genre scale, but I think that the aesthetic of her horror-themed tunes is what really attracts most of her fans. Eilish’s new album, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” was released on March 29 and has already claimed No.1 spot on Billboard 200 chart, according to

Throughout the course of her songs, you’ll hear sounds effects that make you feel like you’re watching a scary movie or soft melodies that you can sing along to while driving with the windows down. The variation that Eilish incorporates in her work keeps you on the edge of your seat, switching from quiet and suspenseful to spontaneously loud and vibrant through your headphones.

The most popular song associated with this album, in my opinion, is her song “bury a friend.” It was dropped on Jan. 30 of this year as a single, and it’s become one of her most notable songs. I think I speak for all Billie Eilish fans when I say it was played on repeat for at least a month after it came out. The dark, mysterious vibe that the lyrics and background music give off are very capturing as the heavy bass and outbursts of noise surprise you at each turn.

Eilish’s persona in the music industry is not limited to the words that come out of her mouth; she has also debuted a tarantula crawling out of her mouth along with black liquid coming from her eyes. Her music videos are nothing short of unique, especially in a musical generation that is so used to seeing girls dancing around men while they throw stacks of money into the air.

In an interview with Pop Buzz, she explains that the inspiration for her horror-based music comes from the FX series of American Horror Story. Any horror fan can appreciate how she manipulates these sounds to deliver that AHS vibe. Another interesting aspect of Eilish’s work is that all of the crazy stunts that viewers see in her videos are real, she states, except for one. In the “bury a friend” music video, she is shown with at least 10 syringes stuck in her back, and she explained in the interview that her stunt team would not let that part be authentic. Eilish expressed her disappointment of this, but still holds pride in pulling off so many of them.

I think it is appropriate to focus on “bury a friend” when talking about this new album because its title is a quote directly from the lyrics of the well-known song. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I highly suggest giving it a try. The variety that Eilish brings to the table in the debut single and her new album as a whole is extraordinary and a breath of fresh air if you’re getting tired of listening to the same old songs.