Stay motivated till the end of the semester

Melanie Kelly, Courier Staff

After spring break is the time when you realize there is only about a month and a half of school left. It is very easy to lack motivation to study and do schoolwork when the weather turns nicer and all you want to do is be outside with your friends. Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated come finals week.

Tip number one is to find a new place to study. The library is a great resource, but let’s be real it gets boring after awhile. A place I suggest to study is a coffee shop such as The Study on the square, or The Old Dairy. Tip two is to treat the weeks after spring break like a new semester. Everyone is always motivated after winter break for the new semester, so trick your mind into thinking that it’s the last semester. Tip number three is make sure you reread your syllabuses. This tip may sound dumb, but during this this time of year people start to forget big end of the semester projects and papers. Another thing you can do to boost your motivation is to start a study group with people from your class. This is a great way to get help on stuff that you may not know and help other people as well. The last month of school is a crucial time to either boost your GPA or lower it. Make sure you are getting all your attendance points. Tests become much easier if you regularly attend the classes. The last tip I have on how to stay motivated is to take care of yourself, whether it be your mental health or physical health. Never study when you feel like you’re not 100 percent present. These are just a few tips to make your finals week go a little bit smoother.