Cindy Ridle will retire after 33 years at WIU

Karla Foster, Courier Staff

Life at Western Illinois University can be one of the most amazing things that you can experience in your lifetime, according to Cindy Ridle. There is plenty to do such as: going to class (obviously), going to the student Union to get something to eat, visiting the student store and rocking out in some of Western’s fabulous merch, going to the gym and getting a good workout, but the biggest one is enjoying the many other clubs and activities that Western has to offer.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end whether we like it or not here at the University. Students will soon be graduating in May and students’ favorite teachers will soon have to go as well.

Ridle, a communications professor, will be retiring at the end of June, leaving behind the career and students she very much loved.

“This is going to be a new chapter in my life,” Ridle said.

Each chapter comes with a good amount of pages and it’s great to start a new chapter because you want the story to go as long as possible, but then again you want to add some different elements towards the wonderful story.

Ridle has technically been working at Western for about 33 years. She was in the Civil Services department since 1986. She didn’t start teaching until 2004 and held a love for it ever since. She loved helping the students improve on their public speaking skills and helping them go on and do great things with their speeches.

Ridle said that she cannot wait for the start of her retirement but she is also a little scared.

“I’m very excited,” Riddle said. “I’m nervous…but I’m also excited.”

Anyone would be excited about retirement, they don’t have to worry about going to their job anymore, they will be receiving a pension from the government depending on how much they have worked, and they will finally have time to work on other things in their life like Ridle. After retirement, Ridle hopes to be more active with her small craft business. This will hopefully give her more time to help with customers, which means that there will be more sales for her business and in time, it may grow into a more well-known business.

Even though another professor will be taking over where Ridle left off next semester, many of her students believe that Western will never be the same without her. Students have said that her teachings have helped them improve on not only their speeches, but their other classes as well.