University Art Gallery hands out awards

Karla Foster, Courier Staff

The beauty that is art is just only one of the many things that Western Illinois University has to offer. Some students, whether they are incoming freshmen, a sophomore or junior who changed their major or even an outgoing senior, have taken a chance on this wonderful opportunity.

Recently, students have had the chance to have their artwork featured in the University Art Gallery, the neighbor to the Heating Planex and Garwood Hall. Student’s were able to submit recent art projects and have them judged by Executive Director and Curator of the Quincy Art Center, Jennifer Teter.

Tyler Hennings, the director of the University Art Gallery wanted to vote on his favorite pieces, but he decided not to due to personal reasons. “I try not to pick my favorites, I like them all for different reasons,” Hennings said. It’s a good way to remind students that this is not just for popularity and that everyone who tried and made it deserves the same amount of recognition.

While it can be said that many students have tried to have their submissions chosen for this event, only 37 were chosen. Like many contests there were prizes and awards. “Best of show” was awarded to Brittany Howe for her watercolor of her piece “Abandoned Toy.” Second place was awarded to Keosha Westphal for their stoneware piece “Teeth and Eyelashes.” Third place was awarded to Kelly Brown for her silkscreen and watercolor piece “Flooding.” The “Sanders Purchase Award” was awarded to Abbigale Matlick for her ceramic piece “Duo.” The “Mixed Media Award” was awarded to Andie Majdic for her graphite, watercolor and ink piece “The Magic Paintbrush.”

Even though some artists went away empty handed, Hennings says to not give up and to try again if your piece doesn’t make it or win any awards.

“Just try to submit your best work! Most jurors are looking for projects that look like they have a little indepence to them,” Hennings said.

This competition is not just for art majors and minors. Any student whether they are in law enforcement, chemistry or even broadcasting can hop on the train and have their artwork featured in the gallery as well. It’s more meaningful because it adds different perspectives and variety to the art gallery. If you want to check some of the art out for yourself or to hopefully get inspired for your future projects, the Student Exhibition is still ongoing in the second floor of the University Art Gallery but hurry because the Exhibition closes this Friday, so don’t miss out on this wonderful experience.