College allows you to pick your schedule

Tyler Moseberry, c

College is a way for people to further themselves in life and practice different disciplines in an accepted institution. As time goes on, more jobs require someone to obtain a degree so that they can prove their workers are educated and qualified to do certain tasks.

Now, unless you were homeschooled, you had classes Monday-Friday and that was the way you lived basically from K-12. This type of approach has many pros and is why it has stayed this way for so long. College, however, is completely up to the student and they are able to choose their classes Monday-Friday.

Even if college had an option for students to have a two or three day class all week, would they take it? We will be discussing why or why not. To analyze such a topic, we must start where it all began: K-12.

What makes having classes every day helpful and what are the potential drawbacks for an adult receiving a higher education? As a kid, most of the time we are told we have so much time. Most of that time was taken up by doing a lot of nothing in the essence of trying to just be a kid.

This is why when a kid must go to school for five days out of the week, it has little to no effect to most children. Another benefit for a child to be in school most of the time is to gain social skills. Most of us can remember having friends you only see at school that would push you to go when you did not want to.

Small things like these make school less monotonous which anyone, regardless of age, has to deal with. Well what about the education, the reason a student attends school? Well, most students are shown to perform better with more time to go over topics and ask a professor about something.

This extra time may seem mind-numbing for students that understand the material, but most times at least at this level they are in the minority, so the school will either move that student up or they will have to be patient until the next topic is discussed.

Now, with college there is a difference. The biggest difference is that people going to college chose to go to college. So, within reason, a student has agreed to the rules and regulations that come with higher education. One of which is when the scheduled classes are given.

Usually a class will be either Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or Tuesday and Thursday. So, either way you get two days off. Now, why would they change the way we do things since K-12? Well for starters some students are not even “traditional” students.

The term “non-traditional student” typically means that they are an adult with a full-time job. Some “traditional” students have a 9-5 as well, but these students are mostly trying to maintain their leisure and social life, not a family. Regardless, this is a huge driving force of scheduling college courses.

Another reason this is like this and should remain as such is what it teaches people. Throughout our time in K-12, we are always told that once we go to college, people will not be holding our hand anymore and that is why time management is a skill that must be learned.

The gloves really do come off once you arrive in college and it is to ensure that the graduates are prepared to have responsibilities unloaded on them, because no one can be a kid forever.