McDonough County Election Results

Steven Barnum , News editor

Mayor Mike Inman will serve a third term as the Mayor of Macomb. As of 8 p.m., Inman collected 874 votes, which was a total of 95.31 percent of the total vote. There were 43 write-in votes for a total of 4.69 percent. Kristen-Diane Pollock was the most prominent write-in candidate challenging Inman.

“I want to thank all the folks that supported me,” Inman said. “We have a good team of community leaders here in Macomb ready and willing to face the challenges that lie ahead in the next few years.” Melanie Falk will continue to serve as the Macomb City Clerk after running an unopposed campaign. The following candidates also maintained their seats after facing no challengers: Alderman Tom Koch, Alderman Mike Wayland, and City Treasurer Ron Ward.

In the closest race of the night, Alderman At-Large Don Wynn and challenger Tammie Leigh Brown-Edwards each ended the night with 446 votes.

There were eight candidates for Macomb Board with a vacancy of three seats. As of 8:30 p.m., Steve Gray and Scott Torrance retained their seats each with totals in the neighborhood of 16 percent. With the same result tally, Emily Sutton would join the board after receiving the most votes of any candidate. Sutton has compiled 673 votes with a total of 18.14 percent of the vote. Matt Duncan, current members, is in position to lose her seat on the board. Other candidates who did not receive enough votes as of this time to join the board are Sarah Oster, Kishor Kapale, Byron Oden, and Julie Campbell.

For Macomb Park, Phillip Weiss defeated Stirling Edwards by a vote of 803 to 629. There were 314 total write-in votes.