Communication is essential to succeed

London Rivers, Courier Staff

College is already stressful enough with the lack of sleep, excessive workloads and constant worry about the future. So, when professors and students lack proper communication and understanding, that stress can soon multiply.

Now, I am totally aware of the constant assignments that are required for a course. I am also aware of how much time, energy and effort that is needed to make a successful semester for both the professor and student. However, communication is missing somewhere somehow and is in need of a solution. When we as students send emails to our professors for whatever the case may be, we too expect a response if one is needed. Whether it’s in the event of an absence, a grade, a particular class discussion, an assignment, etc., there shouldn’t be a reason why days go by without a response. We too are adults and require assurance or even sometimes reassurance as well. Some of us have full-time events outside of our full-time school schedules, so it would be nice if communication on both ends were mutually reciprocated. Students, too, need to communicate important information as well. If you know that you will be absent or not able to complete an assignment on time, inform your professor. They can only care so much until they realize that their leniency is being taken advantage of. If you know that you’re going to be in need of assistance throughout the semester, be willing to give assistance as well, so that the line of communication stays clear. In addition, we understand that just like ourselves, professors can get sick and or need days off too, but an email to let us know that a class is cancelled rather than to have to walk all the way to Waggoner from Corbin-Olson only to find that class has been cancelled can be a bit frustrating to say the least. If you help us help you, I can assure that stress levels can possibly decrease on both of our ends.

Also, it would help if we all could be a bit more understanding and rational as well. Life is rather unpredictable, yes, and things do come up and or occur out of our control. But, to have assignments given because a class was in need of a cancellation is a bit tedious. Life isn’t fair, but that doesn’t mean that a point has to be made to prove that by assigning unnecessary work. It’s already strenuous enough having to complete the requirements for each course with only three absences allowed throughout a semester. We could all use a little help to make our lives a bit more simple, so why not start with something that’s constantly on our minds every day like school?

Again, I understand we all have lives, but for any relationship to work, communication is key. It unlocks the doors to many unanswered questions after class discussions, it provides a learning tool on days where availability becomes an issue and it leaves no room for assumptions. Professors and students must have healthy communication in hopes to survive the semester. Just like life, you can either drive the college-mobile or allow it to drag you along for the ride, and that shouldn’t have to be the case with something that can be easily fixed with words and actions.