Bachelor Colton picks his Bachelorette

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

This year’s finale of “The Bachelor” was the most unpredictable and most dramatic conclusions in this show’s history. The final three girls that went into the fantasy suite dates were Tayshia, Cassie and Hannah G. All three of these wonderful women were more than excited to go on this final date with Colton. The fantasy suite dates took place in Portugal, a beautiful backdrop for these dates.

The first woman to attend her date was Tayshia. The date ultimately went amazing, leaving no doubts in either Tayshia or Colton’s mind’s that they wanted to go to the fantasy suite together. Their date concludes when Colton escorts the camera’s out of the fantasy suite, only to have them return realizing that Colton and Tayshia still had on their mics. The following morning, Colton and Tayshia woke up and he brought her breakfast in bed. The two lovers were both smiling immensely and seemed to have no worries in the world.

The second woman to have her date was Cassie. This date went extremely well and Cassie and Colton’s chemistry was booming the entire time. While Colton was pulled aside for a mid-date interview, he voiced that he felt Cassie was the one he wanted at the end of this. Meanwhile, Cassie was struggling with where she stood. She was not sure if she was in love with Colton and after an unexpected visit from her father, she decided that she was going to go home that night. Later that evening, Colton was beginning to tell Cassie how he felt when he noticed she was distant and upset. This is when Cassie expressed her concerns to him about being able to feel the same way that he was feeling. After Colton continuously told Cassie how much he loved her and how much he wanted to be with her in the end, Cassie ultimately stuck with her decision to leave the show.

Due to this extremely heartbreaking experience, Colton is seen pushing a camera man out of the way, scaling an 8-foot fence and running off into the remote Portuguese countryside. After a long search for Colton on both foot and by vehicle the show’s staff finally was able to find him. Colton at first refused to get into the shows production crew’s vehicle, but after talking with Chris Harrison got into the car. Though, Colton made it clear that he was done with the show.

The following day, Colton talked with Harrison off-camera about what he felt he had to do. Colton was pictured going up to one of the women’s doors and knocking, which we soon find out is Tayshia. Colton asks to speak with her and explains to her that he is in love with Cassie. Colton expresses that his heart cannot be in love with two people at the same time. At the end of this sincere and unfortunate conversation, Colton breaks up with Tayshia.

The final woman, Hannah G., had been waiting in her room since arriving in Portugal, more than excited for her date with Colton. She had not told him yet but she was ready to tell Colton that she loves him. When Colton arrived at her door, she was unaware that anyone else had even had a date with Colton at that point, and was excited for her date that day. Though, when she saw Colton she knew that something was wrong. Colton sat down with Hannah and explained to her what he had explained to Tayshia, which was that he was in love with Cassie and that his heart could not love two people. While he did not want to lose Hannah, his love for Cassie was so strong and she was all that he wanted in this point and time.

Finally, Colton returned to Cassie’s room to explain his love for her, that he had sent all the other women home, and that he wanted another chance. Cassie was willing to try again and the following week they went to Spain together where Cassie was able to meet Colton’s family. In the end, while the show did not end up with an engagement, it did end up with Colton and Cassie choosing each other.

Colton and Cassie are still together now, happier than ever and thinking about an engagement in the future.