Dora explores the big screen

Evan Williamson, Courier Staff

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Late last year, it was revealed that a live-action “Dora the Explorer” movie would be released with an obviously older Dora. This kind of made people scratch their heads as it appeared that an older girl would be playing a 7-year-old, and without context, you might have thought it was one of those parodies Paramount would give context to. The picture of Isabela Moner as Dora and revealed that the film would feature Dora in high school.

“Dora the Explorer” came out when I was just starting the first grade, though I have watched it a few times I never was that crazy about it. Even so, there is still a bit of nostalgia with this new movie and I was curious. The movie trailer starts out with Dora running in the jungle and exploring a temple with Boots (the monkey from the show).

Right away, I get this “Tomb Raider” for kid’s vibe which I’m totally on board with. Dora’s parents reveal that they are going on an adventure, but they won’t let Dora come. They end up sending her to live in the city to go to school with her cousin Diego who doesn’t really act as he does in the show (where is Baby Jaguar). Hilarity ensues on her first day of school as she goes through security to have her backpack looked through (who doesn’t talk) and he pulls out one of those pickaxes you use for mountain climbing and a flare.

On a field trip to a museum, Dora, Diego and two of their classmates are kidnapped and shipped in a crate to the jungle. Let’s put this out there, she has a large knife and knocks out one of the villains with a freaking yo-yo, I love it.

The rest of the trailer shows them exploring this temple or something so Dora can find some treasure and rescue her parents, so basically “Tomb Raider” for kids. Based on this trailer, there will be a lot of action, adventure and of course comedy. Boots will be in it as well but unfortunately, I don’t think he talks, and where is the map?

I do hope they have some inside jokes making fun of the cartoon a little bit. I also would like to say that if Swiper the Fox doesn’t make an appearance or isn’t revealed to be a big bad guy at the end, I will be disappointed.

The movie has not been rated yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was rated PG-13 because it appears to be targeted for young adults who watched “Dora the Explorer” as a kid. The movie is set to come out this August and I might actually see it; I enjoy movies with strong female characters and from the looks of this trailer, that is what she is.

Either way, one thing is for sure, you will never watch the cartoon the same again.


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