Talking to your family all the time is healthy

Donnetta Shanklin, Courier Staff

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Growing up, it was embarrassing when your mom or dad kissed you before you went off to middle school. Some people didn’t even acknowledge their parents when they started becoming of high school age. When kids were in kindergarten, it was hard to be away from their parents, and that can be the same for some people who are in college. Sometimes people can’t wait to get away from their parents. After all, it is most likely some people’s first time away from rules and parents. Some kids had more strict parent than others. Some had to be home at a much earlier time than their friends and that could potentially have been annoying to deal with. Some people weren’t ever allowed to have sleepovers while some were never home every weekend because they were out having a good time with their friends. Whatever the case may be, coming to a university and being away from that type of environment can be super hard for some people.

For some people, the moment after their parents moved them in and went to go back on the road was super easy for them. They were happy and have been waiting for this day to come for a long time. Others might have been terrified and might have been super homesick right away. Going to a university and being away from home is a big deal. Being in college in general is a big deal. Not seeing your parents and loved ones every day can be very hard for some people. Luckily, most people have some type of cellular device or form of communication and are able to contact their loved ones. Some people only call their parents once a week whereas others call their parents once a day. Some people only talk to their family once a month while others freak out if they don’t contact their family every so often. Some people often make fun of others and call them childish because they talk to their families every day. Everyone’s situation is different and whatever relationship someone has with their family shouldn’t matter. It’s okay to talk to your parents every day, and it’s also okay not to talk to them every day. Everyone is different and doing one or the other does not make you more or less childish.

People should never feel ashamed for being close to their parents. It’s actually a good thing to be close with your parents. This doesn’t only make someone feel good for talking to their loved ones, but also makes the loved ones feel welcomed too. It’s absolutely okay to call your parents every chance you get because one day, they might not be there for you. Everyone should live every moment like it’s their last, and part of that for some can be having a good relationship with their family. Just because you talk to your family every day, does not make you more or less independent than someone that doesn’t. Sometimes people have a bad day and just want to talk to their family just as much as you do. It is completely normal to talk to your family every day and they truly appreciate it at the end of the day.

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