Joe Biden for President in 2020

Juan Casas, Courier Staff

The Democratic field for president for the 2020 election cycle has gotten full with characters across the political spectrum from far left Democratic Socialists like Bernie Sanders to more moderate Democrats like Corey Booker. Yet, there is one possible candidate that, at least to pollsters, has a better approval rate and a higher chance of winning the general election against Donald Trump than any other candidate that has announced they are running.

The curious part is that this person is yet to announce their intentions for running for president and yet, ex-Vice President Joe Biden appears to be moving in that direction and he appears to have a large array of support at home and abroad.

For example, a recent article was published where it was discussed that Biden had been approached by numerous world nation leaders and had been urged to run for the presidency, being told that he would be a “welcomed familiar face” in a time that is all but familiar. Also, many if not all of Obama’s heavy-hitting donors and fundraisers have, in the past few weeks, been shown to support Biden and have in some instances been referenced to have urged him as well to launch a possible presidential run. With these two factors in place, world leaders are asking him to run because they believe he would bring stability and strong support at home from powerful donors, it would appear that Biden is not only the most experienced in regards to foreign relations, but is also one of the most popular characters in American politics today.

So, what would a Biden 2020 election run look like and who would he pick as his running mate if he does decide to run? The answer to those question are up in the air because Biden has simply not indicated anything and if he’s waiting for a last minute entrance, he’s not going to disappoint. Yet, there is at least one option that has been on everyone’s mind. Although it has never been done before, an ex-president can, in theory, run as the vice president of a new political campaign. That’s right, there are growing whispers of a Biden and Obama presidential ticket with Biden as president and Obama as vice president! There is no precedent for this, and it might turn off potential voters, but it might turn them on! It really is a coin toss. If successful, it would set a precedent unbeknownst before; if a failure it will be drowned out in the ash heap of history.

Yet, just as there are those who push for Biden to run, there are also those who push for him not to. Although Biden has portrayed himself, and indeed social media as well, as the people’s champion and as a dedicated civil servant, there are those who point out his flaws. One of the things that sticks out on his record like a sore thumb and that is an easy target for other Democrats who are already running is the fact that Biden has a history with voting against students in cases of student loans and student debt. For example, it was Biden that helped push and is credited with creating the current student loan crisis because he pushed to have bankruptcies not cover student loans and student debt. Before this, a graduating student could file for bankruptcy right out of college and not have to pay back the tens of thousands of dollars in student debt. This was before the bubble of student debt ballooned to the point where it is now the largest debt per capita in the country and is larger than any other debt, including credit card and medical expenses.

The reason behind Biden’s choice on student debt is that, at least according to sources close to him, he feared that if people did that, filing bankruptcies after graduating, then it would create a debt balloon where all those who don’t file bankruptcy would have to pick up the slack on behalf of those who did. In other words, Biden believed it was unfair for those who do try and pay back what they owed when others didn’t even try and just filed bankruptcy. Although this point of view might be valid, it does not curtail the fact that even though they did do that, and prevented student debt from being cleared via bankruptcy, it did nothing to actually stop the rising tide of student loan debt. As a matter of fact, some even argue that it exacerbated the debt.

Whether or not Joe Biden chooses to run is still up for debate. What is not up for debate is that he would be a huge competitor for his Democratic peers in the primary election and that he would be more than a fair match for Trump or any other Republican candidate. Also, no other Democratic candidate boasts of such strong foreign relations connections and experience as he does, but he is also susceptible to attack from both sides of the isle for his role in the student debt problem that the country as a whole now faces. Overall, a 2020 presidential run by Joe Biden would be a welcome to sore eyes and an opportunity to return to normalcy and decency.