Western will hold ancestry results event Wednesday

Steven Barnum , News editor

The Sigma Lambda Gamma, Casa Latina, the Anthropology and Sociology Club will host an event aimed to help students learn more about their DNA history.

According to Julia Albarracin, an organizer of the event, it is a two-part event that seeks to provide details and backgound about where volunteers came from. Twenty ancestry kits were distributed to volunteers, who will find out their results Wednesday.

“I did it last year and I found it really fascianting,” Albarracin said. “I recommend doing it.”

Although there is a growing trend of people who are reluctant to share their DNA results with the public, Albarracin said that people can learn a lot about themselves from their results.

“We feel that being able to know where you come from is important,” she said.

“Your ethnicity is how you idenfity and also how you are perceived by other people. We believe all cultural backgrounds should be celebrated and this event gives students the opportunity to celebrate their known background and discover others that they may not have been aware of.”

Those who are interested in watching the big reveal on Wednesday can attend the event at 7 p.m. in Western Illinois University’s Multicultural Center.