What can we do to live a positive lifestyle?

London Rivers, Courier Staff

We all need advice and help when it comes to maneuvering through life. However, it’s important that the decisions we make for ourselves are in the best interest for our future. Deciding what’s best for our future also includes who we want to be a part of our lives during these important times.

We can be what’s considered “people pleasers.” People pleasers do not cause damage to those in their lives. They’re some of the most thoughtful, considerate, compassionate, giving and helpful people that we know. However, they have a tendency to refrain from using the word “no.” It’s true that there is no better contentment in giving than receiving as it is encouraged, but that shouldn’t entail signing away our rights to do things and or make decisions that helpto benefit us and not feel guilty for doing so. We must remember that while it’s okay to be there for others, we want to make sure that some of those very people have our best interest at heart to return the favor. Now I’m not referring to volunteering and or assisting those who we know are not able to return the favor, nor am I suggesting that we do for others in hopes to receive a favor in return either. This is just a reminder that we have our own futures to worry about. Helping others along the way is a good deed indeed, but that same help shouldn’t exclude ourselves.

Individually, we are just as important as anyone else and that’s why self-care is so vital and needed. Aside from helping others, ensure that you too also have some form of support to assist your needs as well. Mentally, emotionally and spiritually life drains all of us, if not every day, then majority of our days. That is why we need healthy association, positive vibes and good company surrounding us and hopefully those same people will follow us into the future. I’ve often been told that the people we meet in college are destined to become a part of our lives for the long-run and while that is true for some people, it doesn’t necessarily apply to all of us. Some of us may have a difficult time acquiring good, wholesome friendships and or associations opposed to others, so support may be limited. Friendships are another genre of relationships, so it’s almost crucial to ensure that they areworth the time and energy, especially if they’re meant to follow us into our future lives.

Our time and energy are two things we can never get back once used or wasted. Keeping positive company and support around to assist us, “people pleasers,” and making healthy decisions for ourselves to help benefit our futures is nowhere near a selfish act. In fact, it’s our own act of kindness that we owe to ourselves, considering that we can be our own worst critiques at times. Just remember that just as others are in need of healing powers, we too are in need ourselves. The support from others that we allow into our lives can either help make or break the many day-today decisions that we make along the way.