Art Department continues first Wednesday events

Karla Foster, Courier Staff

The spring time is a time where flowers are in full bloom, the temperature starts to get higher, children play basketball and lots and lots of rainfall. Even though the Spring Equinox doesn’t really start until March 20, things were already blooming at the First Wednesday event.

For those who don’t know, First Wednesday is an activity held in Garwood Hall and the Heating Planex. The event mostly caters towards children and families, but students are welcomed to create art as well. Students from different majors come to do art with the First Wednesday program to either find something to do after studying, or as a hobby but this is the only time they get to practice art themselves. There were even some faculty who teach different subjects that participated in either hosting, helping or doing some of the art that was in the program. However, it is hard to recognize them because they do a swift transformation from the best dressed to something casual. Some students from the art department also came to lend a hand in the creation of some products. Finally, some refreshments like cheese puffs and cookies were served at the event as well.

Students and children were able to get their hands dirty by messing with products such as paint and charcoal. They were also able to make stencils of different images such as flowers or the school mascot. The stencils seemed to be more popular as more people were on the first floor of Garwood Hall trying to create some beautiful stencils.

There was really no theme for this First Wednesday event, so it was just a comeand- create day.

“There really is not a theme for this event right now, but it’s nice to see people come out,” one student said.

While the theme wasn’t as visible as people would have hoped to expect, I could find a theme using some context clues such as the flower stencils and the young children. The theme was obviously new beginnings! The reason it was new beginnings is because it is the springtime, and when you think of the springtime you think of things being born like the baby animals and new plants, hence the flower stencils.Plus, the children were very young and at the beginning of their lives. That’s why the theme of the First Wednesday event could be considered as “new beginnings.”

It was a great thing that it was held right around the springtime because spring is usually a time for beginning, and who knows, maybe one child went to go paint and it was the realization of their true destiny and they began their career as an artist!

There are only two more First Wednesdays before the end of the school year.