There wasn’t much of a spring break this year

Tyler Moseberry, Courier Staff

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Now that spring break is over, we can rejoice that we are back to continue our education at Western. The only problem is that it did not really feel like a break. There are a multitude of reasons why.

So, spring break is a week. Let’s start there, a week for break is little to be desired, it feels like an extended weekend. If you are like most students, taking the Amtrak or driving back home can take away a day or more of your spring break.

It could be anywhere between two to four, well two, because you must travel and that is not break, it is work, especially if you are driving. This means that a day traveling back home and to Western was taken by some sort of transportation. The extra day is if you are the type of person that is tired the day after. This usually happens because the energy you put into traveling is catching up to you.

If this is not the case and it may not be for some people, they have an extra two days. What happens to the vacation part? If someone wants to travel somewhere to see family or just relax somewhere nice, a week is not nearly enough time to enjoy yourself anyway. Yes you can go, but for a day or two you have to factor in traveling all over again.

As of now, traveling to your destination is a factor that plays into it. We have family and vacation problems which is the point of breaks in the first place! Looking at the big picture leads us to find out that we have the same amount of time off for Thanksgiving break. Most people tend to see each other on Thanksgiving so a week is appropriate.

This does not mean that the same amount of time should be given to us for spring break. Furthermore, winter break is a few days shy of being a whole month. Personally, a month for break is extreme excluding summer vacation. I propose that one less week from winter break can allow us to have more time on spring break.

If this were in place, it would mean we could potentially have two weeks for spring break and be able to enjoy it, as it should be. This would also allow us to have time with our friends from other schools that have spring break around the time we end ours, which is another con to our current spring break.

This does not only benefit the students, but also the faculty and staff, who probably get less time then the students, due to meetings and or work that needs to be finished up before break. This means that the professors can’t take a break from grading and teaching since some of their break involves doing that.

Breaks in general are appreciated regardless of the amount of time we get. That being said, if you are going to do something it should be done correctly, and this proposal is a huge step in the right direction.

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