Parents, let your kids earn college degrees

Jason Adams, Courier Staff

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One of the major headlines that has been rocking the nation this past week is the college admission scandal that has arrested over dozens of CEOs, actresses and other wealthy parents of college age students. These parents reportedly gave bribes and altered documents or fixed test results to give their child an advantage to get into more selective schools such as Yale, Stanford and USC. Some examples of cheating were of proctor’s correcting SATs tests to improve scores by almost 400 points, and altering images and documents to show their child as a superstar athlete to get in, via an athletic route while never having played the sport. One student’s SAT score jumped from 1000 on a practice test to a 1400 on the actual test (the equivalent of going from a 19 to a 31 on the ACT for us Midwest folks). That is an insane difference and probably should have been a red flag right there. I get that kids can improve their scores but come on now. The other tactic had parents superimposing their child’s face on pictures of high school rowers, pole vaulters and even water polo players.

This whole situation is just baffling to me, are these specific colleges really that important that it is worth bribing and cheating your way in and knocking out students who actually pulled off the test scores, or have worked so hard in their respective sport? One of the students who got in through parent meddling is actually a social media personality who posted a video saying she doesn’t even care to be in school. Her mom cheated her way into this school just for her to probably never go to class and just sit in her room and take selfies. She could have done that at a lower level school and allowed someone else to take her spot. Her dorm room is even sponsored by Amazon, they paid for all of her decorations and housewares. Where was that option on Amazon Prime again? I could have done that easily. This girl seems like she’s doing well enough that maybe she doesn’t even really need college, it’s not like she’s going to class anyway.

The altered sports photos really frustrates me. I realize it may be hard to find rowers at collegiate level (or maybe not, I have no clue), but pole vaulters and water polo players are not that hard to find. They could easily find people who actually did those sports in high school to take those spots, especially if they didn’t have the grades or funds to get into those schools otherwise. While I may not be USC or Stanford caliber, I did play water polo all throughout high school and continue to play it in college. It’s not an easy sport to just pick up. It’s incredibly easy to spot someone who hasn’t played before. Coaches could just have them hop in the pool and they would have had a pretty good idea in a minute or two whether or not they’ve played before, it’s that obvious. So rich parents, please make your kids earn their way into college like we all have done.

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