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Why Women’s Month is so important

Mark Tolliver, Courier Staff

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The month of March is a very important month because it is Women’s History Month. March is known as the month where we acknowledge, honor and lift up all important and well-known women figures in society.

It’s a time where we focus on these important women, their lives, their examples, and their contributions to society. If you are a person of egalitarianism, having the idea that all people are equal, you may question the idea of why there’s a full month dedicated to women. But looking at today’s society, we see why we need a month of honor to women; when we look at history, the story of women is exclusively silent, absent and bias, and this full month is here to address and solve this problem. Women as a whole have made many contributions to history but sometimes literature has overlooked their work. That’s why we need a Women’s History Month. Don’t believe me? Here are three reasons why.

The first reason this month of recognition is needed is because there are so many unacknowledged women who made history. Women are constantly discredited, overlooked and forgotten about when it comes to their helpful and useful contributions to this society in which we live in today. Looking at the world-wide STEM program, it is filled with women who had innovations that were overlooked and accredited to the few men who aided them in their innovation. There is a woman scientist by name of Rosalind Franklin who made significant study with DNA but has not received proper attention. Ms. Franklin studied X-ray diffraction that made Watson & Crick’s discovery of DNA structure accurate, yet she was excluded from public notifications about her findings. In a book by Mr. Watson, he said, “Rosalind might have been quite stunning had she taken an interest in clothes but she did science instead.” In other words, Watson is declaring that she made accomplishments but if she was interested in fashion, something women enjoy, she would have been known.

Public recognition being very feminist is the second reason. Know a woman’s name, know her history, know what she did, how she did it and why she did it. That kind of legacy is powerful and extremely feminist, because it makes that female more than just her gender or a side note in a male collection of great ideas. When we shine the light of women’s contributions to the records of human history, it makes us equal humans, equally worthy of being remembered for our accomplishments.

Women’s History Month is also about viewing shifts in society through the lens of women’s perspectives. For example, what did the World War I events, the Spanish invasion of South America or maybe the war between China and Japan mean for women? How did they contribute to it and react to it? Viewing events in this way is hugely feminist, because it makes them equal actors in the flow of time and events, with a valid way of looking at things. Even if the evidence is small and overlaps with many other things, the female voice and eye need to be a part of how we view human existence in the past. It makes them real.

The third reason why Women’s History Month is important is because history is inspirational to future generations. The people we idolize as children matter. The knowledge that something is possible is an incredible boost. Knowing that a woman could win two Nobel Prizes like Marie Curie, her daughter also won one just to keep it in the family, inventing computing like Ada Lovelace, saving hundreds of people on the Underground Railroad like Harriet Tubman, or perhaps just discovering the operations of genetics like Barbara McClintock emphasizes that other girls can do that, too. Being a vocal, important part of history is one of the ways in which women of the past change us: leading by example.

Women’s History Month matters because women’s history needs to matter to us.

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Why Women’s Month is so important