Seeking success as a business major

Tyler Moseberry, Courier Staff

Western Illinois University recently held a meeting targeted at Accounting and Finance students. This meeting saw the likes of Jay and Chris Heubner who work as President and GM of Ace International Holdings, and HR manager at Wheaton Academy, respectively.

The meeting found Jay giving a brief synopsis of his life and journey to where he is now. Some notable things he spoke of were his time at Western of course, and how he thought of being a painter. This idea and goal were short lived by his father’s persuasion.

His father asked him if he wanted to be poor and hungry because that profession is riddled with people that are impoverished and therefore hungry. Jay knew that was not the life he wanted for himself, so he decided that he needed to go after something that would be safe and make him money.

Jay decided to pursue IT his junior year at Western and that led him to the position he has secured himself with Ace Hardware. One of the things that he emphasized was “A War in Big Business.” This war is over aspiring youth like us that want and strive to lead.

Jay went as far as to say that his company gauges and takes measures to see what potential candidates have what it takes to truly lead. Above everything else, he wanted us to remember to have “Mission Alignment,” which is the ideals of a person and a company and how close they are.

Once Jay commenced his speech, Chris took the reins with her story and upbringing. She grew up in not only a large family but a gifted one. Her father and some of her siblings have backgrounds in engineering and or were musically inclined. This made her feel as though she had to accumulate her life towards these disciplines until she realized that she had a gift of her own that made her stand out. She, among all her family, had people skills and could socialize with others on a personal level. Chris took this gift and used it to her advantage by pursuing fields that she would thrive in.

After she left Western, she became employed at Wheaton Academy and she was the only HR person in her job; this did not phase her one bit, in fact, it gave her strength. Once her job introduced more staff, she realized that there was room for improvement.

This idea stemmed from the isolation and out of the box perspective she had gained from being the only HR on the job. She proposed that the staff needed to have an introduction meeting just like the faculty do. This intuitive proposal gave Chris the individuality that no one else had on the job. This made her stand out and appear dependable.

Chris finished by asking us to watch Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk about body language and, more importantly, to read Thrive By Design by Don Rheem. Their parting words were, “Transformation is possible when you realize your potential” and, “Seek out the good because the bad will find you.”