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The Power of Alumni

Tyler Moseberry, Courier Staff

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College is meant to increase a student’s knowledge of a certain discipline, but also to learn about themselves. As time goes on, students can feel stressed and get overloaded with the increasing responsibility of life. This will in turn create an unsuccessful student.

For instance, a student that wants to try and make money would go into business. This may not be a good decision, as they realize that business and the disciplines it requires for you to understand it are difficult.

More importantly, it may not always explain or help a student learn how to make money. Someone that doesn’t understand the school system would feel discouraged by potentially doing poorly or just not being able to retain the material.

This is important to note because not all students with high GPA’s retain and understand what they are learning, which is the whole point of taking the classes. This creates dropouts and depression amongst college students.

Some solutions are to join clubs and get involved. All of this helps to keep one busy and positive. Now at face value this is a great idea. These clubs and activities helps keep ones morals up, but these activities may occupy and distract someone from the uncertainty they’re trying to graduate from.

The key word is distracting. Regardless of how busy a person is or how much they get involved, these solutions are temporary by design because they are not permanent. The reason they are not permanent is because as soon as a person is done with their activities, their brain will try to solve the problem again causing them to be in a loop.

Permanent solutions come in the form of wisdom and experience and the best way to seek these out are in the form of meetings and presentations by our alumni. Alumni understand what it is like to be in our positions.

They went to our school and understand the unknown, relationships and other details that a college student goes through as an undergrad. By listening to our alumni, we as students can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Hope is the answer. Regardless of what year you are in college, everyone at some point feels a little hopeless. At the same time, everyone wants to compete and set themselves apart, so they can cash in on their hard work coming out of college.

Knowledge is power and the alumni we have can embody this power, by sharing what they know to us. We as students need to be able to accept this knowledge. Once we take the time and listen to the experience of other people, we will not have to feel singled out.

Learning that those before us were in the same boat as us is comforting, which is why we should implore time that alumnis giveto us.

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The Power of Alumni