Could you survive your “Happy Death Day”?

Steven Barnum , News editor

“Happy Death Day 2U” is well worth the trip to the theatres.

Typically, I have low expectations for sequels since they all tend to be lackluster compared to their predecessors, but I think that this one surpasses the original. It’s rare to see a movie with such a creative plot, original humor and loveable characters.

With the ability to sell the film as a fresh and modern version of “Scream,” “Happy Death Day 2U” continues to provide jump scares and twists that are both realistic and unpredictable. It may be a slasher movie, but it doesn’t just focus on death while failing to give us a compelling storyline. And like “Scream,”it likes to mock all of the clichés that exist in movies today.

The slasher genre is also combined with science fiction. It will remind you of “Back to the Future” with the way they mess with time. Long explanations that involve science and alternative dimensions can be obnoxious, but this movie doesn’t harp on that too much. It puts the main characters in a time loop that is so interesting and mysterious that you won’t necessarily want it to end so soon.

Then there’s the comedy, which is presented all the way through. This is greatly appreciated in a movie with a premise that is so complicated and repetitive. The writers are clearly confident in their jokes – and rightfully so – since they are naturally witty and unforced, unlike comedies I’ve seen in recent years.

With such a diverse combination of genres, I think that this movie offers something for everyone. If you aren’t interested in horror or sci-fi, then you may appreciate the larger theme to the movie that deals with making the right choices and working together to solve problems.

But the strongest aspect of “Happy Death Day 2U” is the cast. None of them are established actors, but that’s okay. If anything, it adds to the level of freshness and originality. Jessica Rothe as “Tree,” the main character forced to endure another time loop and die hundreds of times, proved that she deserves to break out and become a star. Nothing about Tree’s life seems realistic, but Rothe makes everything look believable and natural.

Even the secondary characters blossom. From the stereotypical nerdy science students, to the mean college dean, to Tree’s sorority friends, all of them belong and none of them overshadow anything important.

The twists make this an extremely fun movie to watch in theatres, with comedy and deaths that give us high entertainment value. It’s a solid movie by itself, but its method of messing with the timeline ties the two movies together that makes me appreciate both of them even more. This also means that it’s absolutely necessary to watch the first movie before this one if you haven’t already.

A post-credits scene shows us a fun premise for a third film, which I hope is confirmed so that we could watch the