A wrestling movie for the whole family

Evan Williamson, Courier Staff

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The movie “Fighting with My Family” is a biographical sports comedy-drama based on 2012 British documentary “The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family” depicting Paige (real name Saraya-Jade Bevis) and her family.

Fans have been anticipating the bio-pic of WWE Superstar Paige for years, sspecially after they filmed the in-ring scenes after a production of “Monday Night Raw” more than two years ago. I know not everybody is a wrestling fan, so it would be irresponsible of me to write this from a fans perspective. I will instead review this film both based on the movie and actual wrestling knowledge. There were a few discrepancies with the events in the film versus real life. Some of which I can deal with, like how they depicted her as going to the states for the first time when she was given a WWE tryout. In reality, she and her mother had been doing some shows in the U.S with Shimmer Women Athletes (an all-women’s wrestling promotion held in Berwyn, Ill.) in 2011 right before going to the WWE. It also appeared that she was successful in her first tryout, but she wasn’t.

A few other things can be chalked up that we don’t want to confuse people with, such as the first promotion she worked for through the WWE. The first thing they switched was her going from FCW to NXT, so they just had her train in the performance center (even though it wasn’t open at the time). I was somewhat fine with them depicting her as being heckled in her first appearance, I have my doubts since she would have been known by wrestling fans already, but it adds to the drama. Also, the wrestlers that were depicted I don’t think were based on anybody, but that is fine since this movie isn’t about their wrestling careers.

The trainer who was played by Vince Vaughn was also a nice touch, it added to the story. I can definitely appreciate how they depicted the training to become a pro wrestler and how difficult it is. I also en joyed the comedy in the movie some of which was British, so you might not understand. A big problem I had in this movie is purely from a wrestling fan standpoint, because I watched it happen live.

First of all, to fans, AJ Lee was an important part of what would become the women’s revolution in the WWE, and it still hurts that circumstances resulted in her retiring almost a year before the revolution really got going. Anyway, they showed Lee win her Wrestle- Mania match, the only problem is that they had the wrong person tap out to her. As for the championship match for Paige versus Lee, it did not go down the way it was depicted, Lee’s promo was cut short in the movie and she was one of the best talkers on the mic, and if you don’t believe me search “AJ Lee Pipebombshell.”

One thing that made me legitimately mad was how they had Lee wearing attire that she did not wear when wrestling in real life. In the movie, Lee had a robe that she wore to the ring. This is not right. She never wore a robe to the ring, in fact, that is the opposite of her character. Lee was known to wear a cut-up t-shirt, shorts and Chuck Taylors. But that’s enough about Lee. The actual events of the night that Paige won the championship can’t be replicated for a number of reasons.

The first reason is because the match took place on “Monday Night Raw” after WrestleMania, which is famous for the best fan reactions of the year, and they taped this scene after an episode of RAW. You also can’t recreate the raw emotion of someone winning their first championship, it is something that nonwrestling fans will never understand, so it is forgivable that the emotion just wasn’t there. As far as the rest of the ending went, it’s not what happened but for a movie standpoint, it was good. I encourage everyone whether they are wrestling fans or not to see this movie. Then after they watch it, lookup the actual match online and see how it really went down.