SOS: There’s a chance for a “Seventh Album”



The Jonas Brothers

Tea Wheat , Courier Staff

On Thursday morning, there was an unexpected announcement from the Jonas Brothers – the release of a new song the next day!

This reunion was shocking to fans, as the Jonas Brothers officially broke up over five years ago in 2013. On Oct. 30, 2013, the Jonas Brothers

spoke on “Good Morning America” about their split. It was expressed by Nick that they “feel like we’re best suited to do our own individual

things, all things we’re passionate about, and choose to be brothers first.” This was an agreement between the brothers in 2013, and Joe also

shared with “Good Morning America” that there was generally a lot of “head-butting” happening between the three brothers. At the time, the

Jonas Brothers were a hit sensation and had adoring fans around the nation who were all crushed by the breakup.

The reunion was not only unexpected for fans, but for Kevi n, Nick and Joe as well. While working on a documentary about their lives, “We spent a lot of time filming again, and then I think we realized that there was a magic there we missed. I sort of began the conversation about doing this again and after a few more conversations they came around,” as Nick told the “Elvis Duran Show.” The documentary was a healing process for the brothers, which built a strong foundation that they are striving on now.

Fans who were once broken over the break-up of the band are now ecstatic and overwhelmed with happiness about the group being back together. Old photos from meet and greets from the 2000’s are flooding the Internet. The Jonas Brothers of 2019 are much different than the Jonas Brothers who began making music in 2005. The Jonas Brothers have had time to come back as artists, especially Nick who headed towards a solo career. The Jonas Brothers have also found themselves as individuals, and now coming back together, they’re new sound really shows.

On Friday, the Jonas Brothers released their new single, “Sucker,” which has old and new fans alike going crazy. The music video for this new hit single stars all of the brothers significant others. Danielle Jonas, Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner are featured in the video engulfed in extravagant clothing and showing an overall prosperous lifestyle with an “Alice In Wonderland” feel to it. The chorus of this song is “I’m a sucker for you,” which deems these ladies appearances extremely appropriate, given that the content of the song is about love, happiness and extravagance.

If you have not yet heard “Sucker” I highly suggest listening to it. It is extremely catchy and has high quality lyrics. It has been confirmed that the Jonas Brothers will be going on tour again and have 30-40 new songs already recorded. It has been rumored that there are secret concert dates already. While we may not know if that is true, one thing is for sure, things are “burnin’ up” for the Jonas Brothers!