The death of Burger King needs to come soon

Tyler Moseberry, Courier Staff

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Burger King has had a long run at Western, and quite frankly it may have overstayed its welcome. Burger King, although extensive in menu options, is not a choice people typically make when deciding where to spend their money. This is because Burger King just doesn’t cut it.

The burgers are on par with the same burgers someone can get in the dining halls, and that is not acceptable. This is extremely evident when the dining halls do a burger night and the meat and/or the buns are exponentially better.

Also, it’s just inconvenient to walk to the University Union to get Burger King when you have closer food options in the dorms to choose from. To make matters worse, during the second semester it becomes extremely cold. This semester has taught us that under harsh conditions, even classes will cancel, so we are no stranger to frigid temperatures.

Burger King does have benefits, though. One huge advantage is the hours they serve food, which is everyday from morning to late night. So if someone is willing to walk, they can have an additional option from the dorm food. Some items they have on the menu are unique like the ICEE or the different flavored shakes.

As of recently, they have added funnel fries, which is a beloved treat. Another good thing about Burger King is that their menu is updated often. Even the lines are smaller, which is nice, especially if you have to be somewhere in a hurry.

So, if Burger King isn’t the most popular choice on campus, what is? Well look no further than the fast food chain directly next to Burger King. That chain is of course Chick-Fil-A. Now, regardless of what was by Chick-Fil-A, business would have been taken due to the popularity of the chicken shop.

If a restaurant of equal or different variety were to pop up, this would counter the imbalance that is in the Union right now. Burger King is not making as many sales and that is inefficient, and they may possibly be losing money.

I propose something different just like Chick-Fil-A. Some ideas would be Five Guys, Panda Express or Chipotle. All these options would drastically increase sales due to the name and more importantly taste. What makes this more enticing is all these places are available and thriving in Peoria, which is a good drive away.

Some restaurants like Wendy’s, McDonalds and Subway are left out because like Burger King, they are already accessible in Macomb! The reason why Einstein Bagels and Chick-Fil-A thrive is because of the unique food variety that is not available on campus.

Students (myself included), would be more than willing to excavate Burger King, especially if it would be one of the choices listed above. We as a student body must stand up and not settle for anything but the best since the same is expected from us in the classroom. Our leisure and taste buds deserve better.

Burger King has served its purpose, but with the introduction of a new fast food chain only located in the Union, it would boost the sales made by all of us on campus, as well as offer variety in the Union.

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