Students should have an extra storage option

Tyler Moseberry, Courier Staff

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Peace of mind is a beautiful thing and ignorance is bliss. The type of ignorance and peace of mind I speak of is storage and convenience. When students travel to school they typically arrive by car. This is because the immense number of items that you need to bring back and forth from home to the dorms can be quite a lot.

Students typically have clothes, school supplies, technology and miscellaneous goods. I propose that we have a service where students can send two footlockers of proportional sizes prior to arriving on campus.

What goes in the footlocker can be determined by what is allowed in the dorms. Anything that can seem to be of value, dangerous (ie. weapons) and food or at least perishables, are forbidden. This is for safety and to avoid the accumulation of rodents.

This would exponentially help the average students travelling expense. A program of this stature would eliminate student’s from renting vehicles or even taking a car altogether and instead take the Amtrak, which is popular transportation amongst students.

What happens when you must go back home and you need your things to be sent back to where you live? Students that are returning can submit a request to stay in the program and leave their footlockers in the storage area until next semester.

If you are graduating or not returning, then you need to take your footlocker back home so that the incoming freshman and transfer students can have room for their footlockers. Footlockers that are not taken out of the storage in time will be discarded by Western’s discretion.

The way to avoid something like this is to submit a late stay request. This would adhere to students and families that have schedules that do not align with the universities calendar. The extension would only be three days.

Now, one may think that the number of footlockers would be astronomical even if it were a paid service. The way to combat this is to require either incoming and or returning students to have a certain GPA and or have a need for the storage.

When people pick up the footlockers, the floor resident assistant will adhere to any questions, locating and providing paperwork to get the footlocker and to return it when the end of the semester comes if the student plans on using the service again.

Other rules are in place like only students in dorms can use this service and you must be coming within a certain amount of days after your footlocker has arrived on campus. This is to ensure that people are unloading the items in their footlocker in their dorms.

Sending in your footlockers would require the school to have drop-offs so probably at least one in Chicago Union Station and one in O’Hare Airport. This would be so the footlockers can be processed and handled. If more drop-offs were available, it would be nice, but this is the bare minimum.

Now, people may still take a car to school regardless if storage space or advanced luggage service is available. The option is what matters as it will create less stress for students when travelling from home to their dorm, because the last thing students need is added stress.

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