Recognize a good friendship when you have it

Kalen Stanford, Courier Staff

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Friendship in college is weird. Freshman year you usually get put into a room with someone you don’t know and are expected to live in harmony for a year.

Typically, you’ll become friends with your assigned roommate and make more friends as the years go on. While this wasn’t the case with me, it is for a few of my friends. The reason I’m writing this is because I’ve come to realize that having friends in college is one of the most important factors in having a stressful in college experience. Personally, if I didn’t have my friends to lean on and support me when I needed it, I probably would have dropped out freshman year and never looked back. Friendship is important in general, but when it comes to college, it is much more necessary. With stress from classes, homework and extracurriculars, it would be impossible to take it all on by yourself. It seems strange to think you’ll have these friends for a lifetime, but as history shows, it happens. It is no surprise that you would make friends like this in college, because you are on your own and get to decide who is going to be a positive influence in your life and who isn’t. When it comes to this decision, sometimes making that choice after you’re in the friendship is the most difficult.

Recently, I’ve had a falling out with one of my closest friends. This made me realize that sometimes there are people who you think are going to be there forever, but end up impacting you negatively. While a decision like this is very often difficult, it is necessary. If you have friends who are not impacting your life in a positive manner, or who treat you like less than you deserve, it is probably time to make a change. I’m aware this change may not be easy, or even possible for you, but in the long run it will be a great change. While my situation was a pretty easy one to decide, it went on for a long time due to my fear of losing friends. When you realize a friend is impacting you negatively, it can be a tough hill to climb. The way to get through this is to make sure you have other good friends you can rely on to have your back if it goes badly. My friends were very understanding and helpful in my situation, even though it was a mutual friend. Remember your self worth. If you discover one of your friends is toxic or negative in your life, it is okay to leave them behind.

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