It’s time for free college tuition

Kalen Stanford, Courier Staff

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Being an In-state Illinois resident,attending Illinois State University and living on-campus can cost quite a penny. The total cost of tuition and attendance is $29,008. With the same circumstances and stipulations, attending the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is $15,054. It is time for college tuition to be free!

When people want a college degree, their goal is to advance their knowledge and create goals and fulfill on them so that they can find their dream job. For some others, graduating college is just another small milestone with higher degrees to come. Presently, the high cost of higher education begins to deter many individuals from pursing their dream of a college degree. In today’s society of education, a bachelor’s degree is becoming more and more common and with that said, bachelor-level tuition should be free.

Having a free college education would result in student debt rates being low. With free education, students will have a clean slate coming out of college and can start focusing on making money to achieve milestones. Milestones that many want to pursue after college are buying a house, car, getting married and even starting a family. These milestones will be great accomplishments once students are financially stable without student loan debt. Free college tuition would greatly benefit and aid the economy as a whole in regards to more people being in the work field.

More people in the work industry means more successful people. The more people we have working means more revenue brought in that will benefit the greater good in the economy. With more entering and graduating from college, they can receive a high paying job to support themselves and their families. More job placements will increase productivity in the work field. Businesses with more workers can produce and sell more goods and services, which will increase revenue, fueling jobs and economic growth.

Free tuition at institutions would be a turn-on to many students who weren’t planning to attend. It can also motivate students to go for higher education. There are many in-state institutions that are providing very low tuition fees for in-state students. I think this is becoming more common around the board because many students are branching out from their home state schools.

I understand there may be the counter argument about how college will be funded and paid for. With the free tuition, that will be the only aspect of college that will be free. If your grades and academic accomplishments meet a certain GPA, you will be awarded free tuition. Free tuition will leave the student to pay for their room, meals and other fees. Also with this idea, taxes from the citizens will also help pay costs that the state will be losing from the free tuition opportunity.

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