Time for hometowns in “The Bachelor”

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

For fans of “The Bachelor,” this week’s episode is the one that has been anticipated the most for the entire season, whether they realize it or not. This week, Colton will be heading to the contestants hometowns, as he goes to meet their families. Hometown week is extremely intense and important, because meeting the parents is a big deal. Additionally, this week has been much anticipated from a preview clip where Colton jumps over an extremely large and tall fence, to escape the drama and tension that he faces as the Bachelor. Many questions surround this clip such as; why is he jumping the fence? Where is he when this happens? And, what is the final push that causes Colton to take this measure? Both Colton and “The Bachelor” creator Mike Fleiss say that this scene takes place during the hometown visits.

So far on “The Bachelor,” it has been made apparent that no one is playing around. Colton has had no problem sending girls home that he either feels have ill intentions, or whom he cannot see a future with. In addition to this, the girls have been just as honest – leaving the show if it is too much or if they do not feel that Colton is right for them. With only four women remaining from the original 30: Caelynn, Cassie, Hannah G. and Tayshia are the lucky ladies who get to bring Colton home to their parents.

Caelynn is a 23-year-old from North Carolina, who was Miss North Carolina 2018 and runner-up for the Miss USA 2018 pageant. She has a degree in broadcast journalism. Additionally, she is a strong advocate for sexual assault survivors. Caelynn and Colton have an undeniably close relationship, though she has been involved in quite a bit of drama on the show. Will her connection with Colton overcome the drama that has affected her in the past?

Cassie is a 23-year-old speech pathologist from California. Cassie’s connection with Colton has been captivating. She has managed to avoid any drama until the last episode, where she was targeted as “not being ready for marriage,” though Colton has not yet doubted his connection with Cassie. Will his confidence continue through out the hometown visits?

Hannah G. is a 24-year-old content creator from Alabama. She has worked in both photography and modeling, and even appeared in music videos for celebrities like Darius Rucker and Thomas Rhett. She was the recipient of the first impression rose. Was this first impression rose an indicator of a future marriage for Hannah G. and Colton?

Tayshia is a 28-year-old phlebotomist from California. Tayshia and Colton have also built a strong relationship throughout the show, though last week she expressed concerns about some of the other women still on the show, particularly Cassie and Caelynn; though Colton trusted his “gut” and kept both ladies despite Tayshia’s input. Could this affect Colton and Tayshia’s relationship going forward into the hometown episode?

Tune in to this week’s episode of “The Bachelor” to find out what brings Colton to his breaking point and just how Colton’s visits with the families of Caelynn, Cassie, Hannah G. and Tayshia turn out.