Jordan Peele reboots “The Twilight Zone”

Conal Duffy, Courier Staff

The trailer for Jordan Peele’s reimagining of the iconic TV series “The Twilight Zone” is out. In it we see images of an unsettling universe. They are all quick cuts. Some notable actors are in this.

Adam Scott keeps seeing the same number everywhere he goes in the episode “Nightmare at 20,000 feet”. Steven Yeun “Walking Dead” puts on a hat. Kumail Nanjiani from 2017’s “The Big Sick” asks his wife where their dog is, but she responds, “We don’t have a dog.” Tracy Morgan asks someone at a bar, “Are you happy with your life?” John Cho is in an episode where a kid runs for president. This series looks promising because Jordan Peele is a mastermind when it comes to horror films.

I am all for a new generation getting a new Twilight Zone experience. My favorite Twilight Zone episode from the original series was the one where a pilot from 1917 gets lost in time and ends up in 1959. This episode, titled “The Last Flight,” was filmed on location at Norton Air Force Base in San Bernardino, Calif. and aired on Feb. 5, 1960. The original Twilight Zone had a large cultural impact. There is a classic rock song by Golden Earring about the show called “Twilight Zone”. Also, the classic prog-rock band Rush sang about it on their song “The Twilight Zone” on the album “2112.”

At the end of the trailer, a man says, “Life sometimes goes like you don’t expect it to” to a woman in a restaurant, followed by Peele looking at the camera in a subtly frightening way. It feels like he’s staring right into your soul. I went back and found “The Twilight Zone” on Hulu and rewatched some of it. I started with the first episode, where a man wanders through an empty town, wondering why nobody is around. Every so often, something near him makes a sound or does something, like a telephone ringing. But when he picks it up, nobody is on the other end. It’s just a recording of the operator. This episode is followed by the one about a man who is visited by a man named Mr. Death.

I hope they remake some of my favorite episodes and more. It would be cool to see original ideas for episodes in this series. I saw “Get Out,” a movie made by Peele. There’s an upcoming film made by him called “Us” about a family who meets their doppelgängers. I googled what movies he’s also made, and it looks like he’s going to be making “Toy Story 4.” He’s also made the recent film “BlacKkKlansman.”

“The Twilight Zone,” reimagined by Jordan Peele, will be on CBS All Access on April 1. This might be a let-down for some because CBS All Access is a subscription service apart from Netflix and Hulu. People feel they don’t want to pay for yet another subscription service. But I believe “The Twilight Zone” will make paying for CBS All Access worth it.