A Bold Movie for a Divided Nation

Evan Williamson, Courier Staff

I’m going to be honest; I was having trouble thinking about what I wanted to write so I looked up trailers for upcoming movies. The movie trailer I saw was for “Unplanned.” You can call me a pessimist or a realist, but I would be shocked if this movie doesn’t cause controversy.

Before we get into it let me say that my thoughts on abortion are irrelevant; I am going off of the movie trailer and what the story is about. The movie will obviously have an agenda, but this review doesn’t necessarily reflect anybody’s personal views.

The trailer begins in the office of an obviously prolife organization based on the posters on the walls. A girl comes in and tells the guy in charge that Abby Johnson is there, much to his shock. We find out why he was surprised right away as we transition to a meeting at Planned Parenthood where they announce their employee of the year award, which is won by Johnson. It shows her becoming one of the youngest clinic directors in the nation. I should point out that this is based on a true story.

A friend or family member confronts her, who finds out that Johnson is going to be in charge of the abortions at her clinic. She believes that she is making a difference. It then transitions to her going to work and seeing protesters holding up signs. One of the protesters says she will always be a “baby killer.” We will obviously be seeing a lot of challenging situations, as we see another scene where she is talking to a different friend who thinks she has changed. She says she believes she is doing the right thing helping women in crisis.

We then get to the main theme of the film, which is a poster that says, “what she saw changed everything.” We go to her office where she is talking to a girl that isn’t sure if she should get an abortion or not, she tells her “I know but the one thing that all experts agree on, and that is at this stage the fetus can’t feel anything.”

We then transition to Johnson being asked to go to the backroom, it then shows the look of horror on her face and later she has a breakdown.

It doesn’t really say what she was doing in the trailer, but based on what happened to her in real life, she watched an abortion on an ultrasound. In the trailer, she says, in an emotional wreck, that she saw it trying to fight for its life. It then shows her feeling guilty when people thank her for what she did for them. The 22,000 abortions she approved obviously weighed her down.

The last scene shows Johnson going against the company and leaving. This movie is going to be super emotional whether you agree with it or not. When a movie can make you feel that much, I will probably watch it. PureFlix, a Christian movie company is making this movie, so obviously it will be about prolife.

It probably won’t change anybody’s mind because true story or not, it has a bias. Pro-lifers will agree with it, but pro-choicers will not and the movie won’t change people’s beliefs because some on the other side won’t even watch it or wouldn’t trust it as an objective source for the debate. I always think it is important to hear both sides of the argument. The movie will be released on March 29.