Frozen II trailer leaves fans wondering

Tea Wheat , Courier Staff

The stunning teaser trailer for one of Disney’s next up and coming films, “Frozen 2,” was released last week on the day before Valentine’s Day. This trailer was visibly different in intensity and overall mood than any viewers have seen from “Frozen” in the past. After this trailer was released, the Internet erupted quickly with ideas of what the new film may be about, many theories began to flood the minds of Disney fans across the nation. Within 24 hours of the release of the teaser trailer, it had acquired 116.4 million views. This high number of views in such a short amount of time crowned the trailer for “Frozen 2” the most viewed animated trailer of all time, which was announced by Disney on Twitter. This huge news for Frozen and Disney alike has fans even more excited for the films actual trailer release, or the release of the movie on Nov. 22, 2019.

Diving into the storyline of the trailer, quite literally, the viewer is brought from a black screen to a desolate image of Elsa standing on a beach. The waves crash onto the dark black pebbles of the beach. Elsa is staring intensely at the water, a deep mist and stormy sky seen behind her. Elsa’s face becomes determined as she takes off her jacket and shoes, throws her hair into a ponytail and charges the water. As Elsa meets the crisp shore, ice forms beneath her feet, allowing her to to walk on the water. Elsa does what she canto race up a giant oncoming wave, but it crashes over her. Viewers then see Elsa racing at the water again, this time diving through a wave, climbing onto a large, black boulder, and using her icy powers attempting to freeze over a monstrous wave. Unfortunately, this attempt falls short as the wave breaks over Elsa again, engulfing her in the waves and bringing her back to shore.

The trailer then shifts focus to Kristoff, who is riding on Sven through a sea of autumn trees, in a what appears a much lighter place than where viewers left Elsa. Kristoff’s face is intense, and there appears to be an “army” of more reindeer, all charging with Kristoff and Sven. The trailer cuts to Anna, in an extremely dark and isolated area, clutching onto something. Viewers then watch as Anna climbs up giant black rocks, begins to run toward a ledge and just as she leaps into the air, viewers are taken back to Elsa who is now with Olaf. In this clip, Elsa is trying to contain what appears to be a purple fire, blazing around herself and Olaf in the shape of a heart, but even her magic cannot calm the flames. Then there is a scene in a similar autumn forest where viewer’s last sawKristoff, with two new characters who encounter some type of magical force in the forest, the leaves lifting one of them up into the air.

Finally, viewers are brought to a shot of Elsa, Anna and Kristoff standing together. As the shot pans outward, it is evident that they are standing on a ledge, overlooking a beautiful forest of red and gold, with Olaf and Sven by their sides.

The trailer ends with autumn leaves flying around the Frozen logo, indicating the significance this new setting will play in the animated film.

This teaser trailer poses many different questions for fans; where is this dark and ominous place that Elsa and Anna are seen? Who are these new characters? What is this new magical force, or rather, who has these new magical powers? Unfortunately, it will be a while for anyone to receive any of these answers, but one thing is for sure, Nov. 22 can’t come soon enough.