It is okay to live with your best friends

Allison Young , Opinions Editor

Going into college I never would have thought that I would be able to live with my best friends. I was always told that it was not a good idea because it can ruin your friendship. Luckily I did not listen to what people told me and I am having the time of my life.

Last year, I met the most amazing people who became my best friends. I was blessed and somehow ended up living with one and having the other two right across the hall; it all fell into place and almost seemed unreal. When it came time to do housing renewals we brought up the idea of living in a suite. We had no idea how much was in store, but we made the right decision even though we were a little hesitant.

We basically lived in each others rooms when we lived in the freshman dorms but it became a whole new situation when we shared three rooms. There are challenges that come with living with three other girls, but we have always been able to figure it out. The biggest challenge we have is keeping the room clean. In our suite we have two bunk beds in one room and then all of our closets are in another room. Our middle room is used as an entertainment space, but it can get dirty really quick. We do not always agree on how to handle situations but when you have roommates, you have to respect their space and hope they respect yours as well.

Now, we have had our problems; I would say that every week we have something new to conquer together. Normally I am the roommate that forgets to pick up after myself, and I catch a great deal of grief from that because it disrupts everyone else’s space. But I am always kindly reminded to pick things up and I do. It is all about being able to work with each other even when things are hard or annoying.

Communication is key in any relationship, and that goes for your friends as well. With housing renewal stuff for next semester coming up, I hope that everyone chooses to live with their best friends. There may be problems but if you are truly best friends there isn’t anything you can’t figure out. Because I chose to take a leap of faith, I have gotten so much closer to the women I call my best friends, and I have also learned how I can be a better person and roommate.