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Why freshman year you isn’t who you are supposed to be.

Melanie Kelly, Courier Staff

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Any upperclassman will say, “Oh I miss freshman year of college” or, “I hated myself freshman year”. Freshman year of college is difficult for everyone.

I am a second semester junior, and I am a completely different person than I was my freshman year. If you are reading this and are a freshmen currently, take note, your first year of college might be great or it might completely suck. In your first year of college you will meet friends who you think will be there for you for the next four years. In reality, most people you meet freshmen year will either become distant or less relevant in your life.

On the flip side, sometimes you can find friends who will stick with you through college. Freshman year of college is the first time people get to live away from their parents; this can be good and bad. I feel as if freshmen are more outgoing than upperclassmen. I am a junior now and I do not party or go out as much as I did freshman year. I think your first year of college is a great time to kind of get the partying and mistakes out of the way. Freshman year you are usually taking pretty easy classes, and the workload is not that hard or time consuming yet. You usually have a lot of spare time in your first year of college or at least more spare time than you will when you are an upperclassman.

I would recommend getting ideas of what you really want to do with your college experience. For example, my freshman year first semester I goofed off and did not take it very seriously. Second semester, however, I got my priorities straight. I joined a faculty research lab that I am so grateful for because it is a resume booster. I joined a couple clubs and really started to realize that I am paying to be here, so I need to make sure I am getting my money’s worth.

College can be a great and fun time in your life where you meet some of your best friends and so many different types of people, but it is also the last step before the real world and adulting. Freshman year you is not going to be the same person as senior year you. The point of college is to grow as a person. It is amazing if you think back to your freshman days and think about how much you have grown, and what people you surround yourself with now. Have fun freshman year, but just know that if you do make mistakes or fail a class, it is not the end of the world.

At some point, everyone makes a choice to drop out or get their priorities in place and exceed and grow as a student.

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Why freshman year you isn’t who you are supposed to be.