Western’s athletic training students win quiz bowl

Tyler Moseberry, Courier Staff

Western Illinois University’s Athletic Training (AT) students celebrate after taking home first place in the Illinois Athletic Trainers Association College Jeopardy Quiz Bowl. This team becomes the third in WIU program history to beat the opposing nine teams and take home the hardware. After talking to Kelly Crowley, we learn it was anything but easy.

The team is made up of Crowley, Charysse Berkowski and Lindsey Schafer. The three of them will represent Illinois since winning thestate bowl. They will head to the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers AssociationDistrict meeting in March against teams from Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

To prepare for the upcoming regionals, Crowley hopes that her teammates are studying for their BOC (board of certification exam). This is because it is the easiest way to prepare for the regional competition that they will have in the upcoming month.

Competitions consist of all seniors and gives the upperclassmen a chance to show off their knowledge. The bowl is a buildup to all the things that a student has learned in the program, which is why only seniors are selected. Since most seniors leave the school and program after their senior year, new representatives are common place at the bowl.

Regardless, being selected out of the senior students and then going on to win is a great honor and accomplishment. Since Crowley and her peers are still in the run, we should be hearing more about their accomplishments very soon.

Since the representatives are always different, rivalries can not really be established. Although, Crowley mentioned that Lewis Alum in the WIU graduate program tend to make for some competitive moments in the program itself. The competitive nature was intensified this year as Lewis took the bowl last year so bragging rights were up for grabs this time.

According to Crowley, practice is not necessary because all the topics in the Quiz Bowl are covered throughout the AT program. Crowley also mentioned that it is quite convenient that the quiz bowl occurs during the same time they study for comprehensive exams, so the timing is impeccable. Crowley says that the tournament itself is about pride and that the team enjoy the chance to be competitive and show of their knowledge at the same time.

The bowl had ups and downs, some happening towards the very end itself. The rules are simple, you are given ten seconds to answer the question and the first team to answer correctly receives points. Teams that answer incorrectly will be penalized.

Crowley recalls that the questions were getting progressively difficult. Although the team was not doing well in the beginning, that would not be the case for long.

Once the second round started, the team took more of a “strategical” approach at the bowl. Their new plan was to stop answering 50/50 questions.

This avoided any more points deducted and eased the frustration building up in the team from getting the answers wrong.

This strategy would prove to be extremely effective. Slowly, Crowley noticed that the other teams were being deducted points at a rate so quickly that they gained a substantial lead. What shocked Kelly even more is that they were in first place because of this shift in points.

Once final jeopardy came, Kelly had a feeling that the win was in their grasp. It also helped that when final jeopardy came, no team knew the answer. All of us are extremely proud of our fellow peers and wish them the best in March. “When in doubt, what would Jenn and Renee do,” Kelly said.