A new nicktoons for the ladies

Evan Williamson, Courier Staff

There have been a lot of weird shows in recent years, though as a kid from the 90’s I don’t have much room to talk. A few weeks ago, a show finally debuted on Nicktoons network that has been advertised for a while. “Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty,” takes everything that is girly and puts it together in some Lisa Frank looking cartoon.

The premise according to IMDb is Felicity is a fearless part butterfly, part rainbow and part unicorn feline with unique abilities. Her powers allow her the ability to lasso items in the form of a fullfledged brilliant rainbow, produce thunderous claps from her butterfly wings, fire lasers from her horn and glow sticks from her paws. Along with her best friend Miguel, an energetic dog, she is ready to take on the challenges that come along with living in Mythlandia, a land inhabited by dragons, giants, wizards, fairy tale creatures and so many more.

As stated above, her friends consist of Miguel, an Anubis Chihuahua (literally lives in a pyramid house and his family looks like the Egyptian God of Death), Athena your stereotypical booksmart owl and Yana, a yeti who lives in a snow globe house and wears frozen food under her arms to keep cool when outside. Creators of the show want to depict female empowerment and non-conformity. I’m not female, but this could very well be empowering to women, though I would think women from the “Last Airbender,” “Legend of Korra” and “Power Rangers” (which is shown on Nickelodeon) would be more empowering than a character depicted with everything that we have been programmed to think is girly. This is not uncommon. Along with the shows mentioned already, we also have to look at shows made in Japan that also center there programming around the empowerment of women. “Sailor Moon,” “Glitter Force,” “Magical Doremi,” etc. show strong female characters. The shows are enjoyable but sometimes you wish they pulled back a little bit on the girly stuff. These shows are not made for me or other males, it’s made for girls. I will admit, though, the show is entertaining. There is a lot of comedy, even though it can be cheesy at times. It might very well join “The Loud House” as the first successful Nicktoon in a while.

The only problem for its success is that it’s mostly on the Nicktoons network, which not as many people have as the main Nickelodeon channel, though it will still probably be shown on Nick sometimes, and it is possible that if it becomes successful they will put it on the main channel as well. With the weird way Nickelodeon series are spread out (they like have weeks of new episodes every so often), I will give this series three years if it’s not successful; even if it is I don’t know how much they can do with it. Though with a wide range of character possibilities it shouldn’t be hard to introduce new characters. You can decide for yourself what you think of this unique show by watching it on the Nicktoons network.